Simply Rins Got Featured on Television!

GMA 7, the Kapuso television network here in the Philippines wanted to create a news feature on nail art and I got invited to be part of it as a freehand nail artist. The segment was aired in Saksi, a late night news program from GMA 7, last September 13, 2011.

I had quite an unsatisfactory experience with the television network a few months back so I was a little hesitant to accept the offer. But given the circumstance that it is handled by a different group, I accepted the invitation.

Simply Rins on Television
Demonstrating freehand nail art.

Initially, I was asked to demonstrate nail designs on my hands, toes, and to a model. Personally, that is a lot for a freehand nail artist. Hand painted nail art takes more time compared to other techniques. No thanks to a fever that got me the night before the shooting, I ended up just demonstrating some Halloween and Christmas nail designs on a very friendly model.

As promised, here's the nail art segment for my international friends and to those who missed it last Tuesday night. Sadly, the video is in Tagalog and there is no English subtitle. To help you understand a little, the news is to create awareness that nail art is slowly trending and being accepted here in the Philippines. It also informs that there are various techniques as to how to have them such as freehand, digital printers, and water decals.

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As a nail artist, I could only wish for a more detailed feature on nail art in the near future. There are so much more into this art, specially how it affects lifestyle. I personally believe the reasons behind why people are into it nowadays is a matter worth understanding.

Again, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who supports me and my nail art designs. This recognition and opportunity is not possible without all of you. :)


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  1. That is so awesome that you were on TV! I went to the Philippines just a month ago! They have more nail art things there, than here in America. I love your nail art its so amazing.

  2. I saw this on a Nail Art Group.. Our fellow nail artists are soo proud of you. All the nail groups I'm in have a link of this news in their wall.

  3. congratulations Rina! :D im so proud of you!

  4. Finally! I really think you should be one of the top resources for freehand nail art. I keep wondering what took them so long to notice!

  5. Astigg!! Congrats Ate Rina. .
    sikat ka na te. . hehe

    I've always been interested with nail art kasi it requires creativity and tests your patience. lol

  6. Hi, Kirshten!
    Oh wow, you were here? Where did you go and how was your stay? Yes, nail art has been trending here and a lot of options are presented to various nail art enthusiasts. It is easier now to find nail art products as more and more suppliers are bringing them in the country.

  7. Hi, pamgotcrazy!
    That's so cool! Please thank that nail art group for me. :) I hope that next time, they will have time to feature more nail artists and the other nail art methods. :)

  8. Hi, Smarla!
    How are you? Thank you, ha. I'm just glad more and more people are into nail art. I hope I can help those interested in freehand. :)

  9. Hi, Trixie of Nailfiled!
    That is really sweet of you to say. I'm sure there are more undiscovered and talented freehand nail artists out there. I'm happy I had an opportunity to share my skills on national television. It was truly an overwhelming experience. :)

  10. Hi, Mark!
    Oh no, an additional person that calls me ate! Haha! I-nail art kita sa susunod nating pagkikita!

  11. oh rina, i'm so happy for you!
    it's nice when someones recognize your work, i think you've got what you've deserved ;-D
    go girl!

  12. @Ohhh. . sige, Rins nalang para di halata ang age gap at para bongga lang! lol! You look young anyway. .haha

    hmm..kelan kaya?
    may ideal designs ka ba for boys?? O_O

  13. Well done Rina. You did amazing! I would be way too nervous to do anything like this!

  14. wow another tv feature!!!! yay!!!

  15. OMG! astig! congrats on the tv feature!

  16. Hi, nail crazy!
    Thanks! Yes, it feels nice to be recognized for your work. I hope there will be other nail artists who'd be given the chance to showcase their talents. :)

  17. Hi, Mark!
    I JUST look young! Haha! Abstract for boys! :P

  18. Hi, Nail Stories!
    I was nervous actually, during the shoot. I felt pressured to do good, specially since we were under time constraints.

  19. Hi, lelila!
    It's my first TV feature. I really don't consider the 1st one a feature. :P

  20. Hi, Hollie!
    Thank you! It was fun! ;)

  21. @Rins

    Yep, I was there, I was originally born there actually. I stayed in Angeles City, where I was born. I love all the nail art stuff there! I wish I could have bought them all. The malls at the Philippines are so big! And there are so many stores!

  22. hi.. just wanna ask if I can do a remake of your works? hihi^^ been trying to do your nail works but looks like your far better than I am ^^

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