Nail Art: Sunflowers

My favorite cuticle oil inspired me to do a sunflower nail art design. Each bottle contains small sunflowers that provide natural and healthy ingredients into the nail treatment. I was well satisfied with how this nail design turned out. I am not so sure though if I was able to capture the obvious that the flowers are sunflowers.

Sunflower Nail Art Design
Sunflower Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Base color is Nyx Deep Brown in 2 coats. The name of this nail polish describes the color perfectly. I thought the dark brown background would be a good contrast to the yellow color of the sunflower. Don't you just love how yellow pops on a brown background? I'm thinking a dark green would look great as a base color as well for this sunflower nail art.

The flowers were painted freehand using acrylic paints.

Sunflower Nail Art Design

I hand painted the sunflowers on my nail tips. I really believe this kind of nail designs makes my nails look longer. There are 2 sunflowers per nail, one smaller than the other.

Sunflower Nail Art Design

I was able to capture how I created this sunflower nail art design on video. I'll be posting the nail art tutorial on a separate post. Consider this a teaser. :) How did you like this nail art?


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  1. aww this looks awesome, i for some reason cannot draw flowers they always turn out so bad loll but these look good, btw, if you want to take a look here's the link to my elmo nails : P

  2. Love it.....And another to try nail art.....Madami dami na rin ang gagawin ko ha.....

  3. great, love the color combo and the design :-D

  4. Really nice!! And don't worry they look like sunflowers :D

  5. Hi, Doda!
    Thank you! I hope you'll try it sometime. :)

    Hi, nail loopy!
    When I started freehand nail painting, I barely create floral designs simply because I couldn't draw flowers well. But with practice, I'm sure you'll be able to paint flowers on your nails the way that you will be satisfied with. :)

    Hi, cheannetoday!
    It really warms my heart to know that fellow nail art enthusiasts like to try out my nail designs. Let me know how your version turned out. :)

  6. Hi, Tasmiya parveez!
    Thank you! :)

    Hi, nail crazy!
    Brown does look good with yellow, noh? :)

    Hi, istarh!
    I feel I can do better with the sunflowers. I'll try and try and try. :)

  7. It looks cute!! m gonna hav to try this