Nail Care: Cuticle Oil

Do you have a daily nail care regimen?

When I started to embrace my love for nail polish and nail art, I didn't know much about nail care. Maintenance would entail a trip to a nail salon, which can be quite expensive. But taking pictures of my nail designs made me more conscious of how my hands and nails look up close. So I began to search for nail care treatments that would help my nails withstand the abuse (so to speak) that I will be imposing upon it as a nail art enthusiast.

As of date, I use 3 nail care products. First, I regularly use Orly Calcium Shield to strengthen my nails. My nails are quite brittle without it. Second, I apply cuticle oil daily to moisturize and soften cuticles and skin around my nails. Lastly, a firming hand lotion. Age is not so kind when comes to showing off on our hands.

Let's talk about cuticle oils. What is it? Cuticle oils are designed to moisturize cuticles to prevent dryness and help the cuticles to remain soft and healthy. Taking care of our cuticles consequently promotes healthy nails as it is responsible for protecting our nails from damage and infections. It personally reduced my need to visit a nail salon.

Here are 2 cuticle treatments that I regularly use:

Nail Care: Cuticle Oil
Cuticle Oils

The one in the bottle is Q.Tickles and OPI Avoplex comes in a tube.

Q.Tickles is a scented botanical nail and cuticle oil that stays on my personal nail station at all times. It's my favorite among the other cuticle oil brands I found here in the Philippines. It is not messy nor will your skin remain greasy. It is easily absorbed by the cuticles/skin and the moisture could last me the whole day, even with regular hand washing.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go is a fixture in my cosmetic kit that I always bring with me whenever I leave the house. It's my nails' security blanket, making sure they are always presentable. ;)

Nail Care: Cuticle Oil
Mini sunflowers inside Q.Tickles nail and cuticle oil bottle.

The mini sunflowers inside the Q.Tickles cuticle oil has affected my personal preference for it. Not only are they pretty to look at, they add more benefits too! Sunflower oil has been a favorite natural oil for beauty products. It is a natural moisturizer, and is rich in Vitamins A, D, and E. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that is important is protecting skin cells fun sun damage or other chemicals that can damage it.

I'm almost out of my favorite cuticle oil bottle. Will be repurchasing soon.

Where to buy: Q.Tickles are available in selected Posh Nails branches, while OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go are available in Rustan's Department Stores.


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  1. The flowers in the bottle are great--I didn't notice them until I saw the closeup photo.

    I should look into a firming hand lotion; I use one with high sun protection during the day and a long-lasting one at night, but I am not getting any younger. :)

  2. i definitively should consider use of this calcium shield, i have same problem as you, my nails are extra brittle :-(

  3. Did u put sunflowers urself or they were in it?

  4. Hi, KarenD!
    I'm not getting any younger, too. And it's showing on my hands. I'm seeing good results with the firming lotion I recently purchased. Good luck!

    Hi, nail crazy!
    Don't you just hate brittle nails? I hope Orly Calcium Shield will work for you as it did to me. :)

    Hi, Naeema!
    The sunflowers were already inside the bottle when I purchased it.

  5. Where did you bur the cuticle oil?

  6. Hi, pamgotcrazy!
    I included at the bottom of my post where I bought the cuticle oils I use. :)

  7. human nature's sunflower beauty oil can also be used for the nails =)

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  9. The cuticle oils and creams work on the moisture levels of cuticles and stimulate nail growth.