Nail Art: Colorful Butterfly Tips

I have always been fascinated with butterflies. They are simply beautiful. It is disappointing that I haven't done a lot of butterfly inspired nail designs. I have one to share with you today and hopefully I'll be able to share more.

Colorful Butterfly Tips Nail Art Design
Colorful Butterfly Tips Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

If you browse my nail art designs, you'll probably notice my preference for creating designs on or near the free edge. I personally have short nail beds and nail art on tips gives an illusion of longer nails. This colorful butterfly nail art is no exception. I hand painted the butterflies on the tip of my nails for this design.

Colorful Butterfly Tips Nail Art Design

I used 2 coats of OPI Russian Navy as background color. Bottle color looks like a dark purple but finishes as midnight blue in actuality. I used acrylic paints for painting the butterflies.

Since I decided on a dark base color, I thought pastel colors for the butterflies would make them stand out. I also chose to just paint a silhouette instead of adding details to the butterfly. I know, I was a little lazy. But honestly, I figured a silhouette would look classy.

Colorful Butterfly Tips Nail Art Design

I used the same color pattern for the butterflies on both hands. If you would like to try this nail design, you may want to attempt to use different colors for every nail.

Oh, and I hope you liked that chunky butterfly ring I wore for the photos. :)


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  1. So cute! I really like the butterfly silhouette, it's very stylish.

  2. ohh this is pretty!! in fact the silhouette makes it looks pretty and I loved the pastels too!

  3. so pretty love the contrast of the colours against the navy!

    shel xx

  4. Hi, Tati_Strange!
    Thank you so much for visiting and for the positive comment. :)

    Hi, istarh!
    I'm glad that you liked it. I also think that the butterfly silhouette looked stylish. ;)

    Hi, Kejal!
    I haven't done much nail designs on pastels. And so I'm thankful that you liked this one. :)

    Hi, Irishenchantment!
    I like the contrast too! It made the butterflies pop. :)

  5. san ka nakakabili ng acrylic paint for nails? pwede din ba gamitin yung ordinary na acrylic paint sa nails?

  6. Hi, pamgotcrazy!
    Yes, I use ordinary craft acrylic paints. Don't buy the strong ones. You can buy a set at National Bookstore. I recommend Reeves or Liquitex. Good luck! :)

  7. you're right, your nails do look longer when you paint near the free edge. I wonder if I can pull off the same illusion with my tiny nails!

    Anyway, i love the color combination and how girly this nail design. :) great job rina!