Nail Art: Another Abstract

I wanted to wear black nail polish but wanted to subdue it with a few colors. I didn't have a particular design in mind so I figured the best way was to create something abstract. This abstract nail design is similar to a previous one that I did a few months back that I named Colorful Abstract. With the former, I covered the entire nail with colors and the black base was meant solely for outlining purposes. Now, I opted to show a part of the black background.

Another Abstract Nail Art Design
Another Abstract Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Black Out as base color. It is the only black nail polish that I own that has a shiny finish even without a top coat.

I chose 4 colors -- apple green, light blue, dark pink, and orange -- for this abstract nail design. These colors are all acrylic paints. The apple green color was a mixture of green and yellow and I subdued my orange acrylic with a little white.

Another Abstract Nail Art Design

This nail art design was relatively easy to create. I would recommend this to those who consider themselves nail art beginners. The brush strokes come from one side of the nail to the other all throughout the painting process. Hence, it would be manageable to handle the nail art brush even with your weaker hand.

I was rather fond of this abstract nail art design. I found it cheerful in a way. I was feeling a little down when I did this. Hence, the decision to wear black. But I wanted something to remind me that things will get better. And so I added a few happy colors to help me remember that there's no way to go but up when you're down. :)

How about you, what does this nail design remind you of?


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  1. that's pretty! it reminds me of a color peacock.

  2. It has quite a vintage feel, me thinks! :)

  3. Very pretty! It somehow reminds me of a flower.

  4. love it.....I can copy it.....Im am excited.....hehhe

  5. Hi, Enamel Girl!
    Come to think of it, it does look like a peacock's tail feathers. :)

    Hi, Julz!
    Vintage! I like the idea. :)

    Hi, Cel!
    Flower petals, perhaps? :)

  6. Hi, Kejal!
    Thank you. I think so too. :) I really need more things to cheer me up. This nail design serves the purpose.

    Hi, cheannetoday!
    Glad to have inspired you! Let me know how it turned out. :)

  7. Parang hindi sha abstract sis! pareparehas.. sana iba iba :)

  8. Don!
    Naisip ko rin yan dahil may pattern.

  9. i love it, such a clean design and great colors ;-D

  10. your blog a lot...m following you now.

  11. Hi, nail crazy!
    Thank you! I did like how this turned out. :)

    Hi, KarenD!
    I'm glad you liked this. :)

    Hi, vertu!
    Welcome and thank you for becoming a follower. :)