Nail Art: Dainty Daisies

This is another Daisies inspired nail art design. I was in the mood for something dainty and I figured daisies would be perfect. My first attempt to hand paint daisies was meant as a mother-daughter bonding time wherein my Nanay and I had a matching nail design.

I also want to share another chunky ring that I bought a long a time ago. It's a butterfly ring with a few colored stones. I thought it would look great with the Daisies nail art design.

Dainty Daisies nail art design 02
Dainty Daisies Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I painted the Daisies a little different by adding the stems.

For base color, I applied to coats of Orly Gumdrop. Originally, I wanted a sky blue color but when I searched my stash, I didn't have one. Boo! I will be searching for a good sky shade polish soon. It would be a good base for future nail designs.

Dainty Daisies nail art design 03

The flowers were freehand painted using acrylic. I tried using nail polishes but I guess when you're used to nail painting using acrylic paints, working with nail lacquers eventually becomes difficult. I personally find acrylic paints more manageable and the fact that you can easily remove mistakes without damaging your base color is definitely a plus for me.

Dainty Daisies nail art design 01

I love Orly Gumdrop. Aside from the easy application, I really think it is a fun shade to wear. However, my recent vacation resulted to a bad sunburn. After 2 days, I removed my Daisies nail design as I thought it didn't look that well with my current darker skin tone.

Dainty Daisies nail art design 04

If you have been following my nail art blog for quite some time now, you might have noticed that I have been experimenting on my photos. I have been tweaking the manual settings of my camera to come up with pictures that are color accurate and clearer. Thanks to friends who have been patient with my questions. I also feel that new things brought into the blog can spice it up even a little. Change is good, right? Please let me know how else I can improve my blog or if you have other suggestions and ideas.


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  1. your daisies are just perfect :-D

  2. Oooh, I love these daisies! I love floral designs with the stems in it!

    And that butterfly ring is just amazing =)

  3. I think it looks cute with Gumdrop! The daisies look great. And what a cute ring!

  4. Your daisies are adorable.

  5. Thank you! Thank you! :) I'm starting to get the hang of floral nail designs.

    I have very small hands, that butterfly ring looks really huge in the pictures.

  6. I like the shade of your base color! :D And your ring!!!! :)

  7. thank you!

    those dasies are breathtaking! :))

  8. cutest ever! man, how do you make daisies look chic? haha.