Nail Art: Dots on Dots

I'm feeling a little down these past few days and I needed to do something that will cheer me up. First, I wanted to watch a movie. Kung Fu Panda 2 is now showing and friends have been telling me that it is quite funny! However, I didn't feel like watching alone so I resorted to doing my nails instead. The objective here is to create a fun nail art design. I was also feeling drowsy and tired from a long day's work so I needed a design that is easy to do. And so I decided to create a polka dots nail art. I added a variation for personality.

Take a look:

polka dots nail art design by Simply Rins
Dots on dots nail art design by Simply Rins

I already decided that I wanted to wear another brown polish. I discovered a bottle in my helmer of a chocolate shade that I haven't used yet. It has an interesting name as well.

polka dots nail art design 05
This is 2 coats of Orly Hot Chocolate. Opaque in 2 coats and
result is darker than the bottle color.

I used acrylic paint to draw the bigger polka dots, that I placed randomly on all nails. I thought that green, orange, and yellow will complement the base color well. It also helped create that fun nail design that I was aiming for.

polka dots nail art design 02

I was supposed to stop with the larger dots as it reminded me of the M&Ms that I had when I was at my sister's house earlier that evening. But I hesitated to seal the design after I painted the bigger dots. I instinctively wanted to add smaller dots within the bigger ones. The question was what color to use. I was deliberating on whether to use white or a dark brown shade. The latter won.

polka dots nail art design 01

Please excuse the fresh wounds on my left middle finger. I had a minor accident with a very moody dog. Anyway, this nail art is great for beginners. This is just a variation of using polka dots. You may want to check my previous post on nail art for beginners that focused on using dots and how to create designs with it.

polka dots nail art design 04

It's Friday on our side of the globe and I'm hoping the weekend has something in stored for me that would bring me out of my gloominess. I'm counting on this polka dots nail art design to help. :)


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  1. this is super cute, the colours really complement each other well :) Happy belated birthday, hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. This is cute. It looks like Autumn, to me. Makes me think of brightly coloured leaves, crisp days and hot cocoa. :D

    I *heart* Autumn. :D

  3. Hope you can get out of your 'funk' soon, these nails are sure to help x

  4. cute, remindes me of cookies :-D

  5. There's something magical about this mani! The colors are just lovely :) I think I'll try this soon!

    And I hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. Thanks, girls! :)

    The colors do remind me of autumn. Sadly, we don't have that season here in the Philippines. But I do love hot cocoa too! ;)

    Yes, colored coated chocolate chip cookies, perhaps? :)

    Magical! What a special way to describe this nail design. Thanks you. :)

  7. CUUUUUTE! I can paint my nails but I can never do nail art on my own! Lucky you!!! ;)

  8. Wow! Dots Make the nail more prominent...I like it!
    remy hair

  9. So I thought I am not applying it properly or my polish is expired. I was paranoid! Haha!

    In fairness, this polish (Hot Chocolate) makes me wanna eat my nails. :D

    Where's your salon?

  10. I don't have a salon yet. But hopefully in the future I'll be able to put up one. That would be a dream come true. :)

  11. ate rins saan po b pwedeng makabili ng acrylic paint..kc pag mga nailpolish ang ginagamit ko lumalapot agad ung mga cutics ko..

  12. There are acrylic paints in our local bookstores. :)

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