Nail Art: Chocolate Cupcakes

I have the strongest throat!

Okay, why am I saying that? Would you believe me if I tell you that I haven't experienced a sore throat nor have I lost my voice for shouting at the top of my lungs and drinking ice cold water afterwards. I don't even get pharyngitis from eating too much chocolates! Ah, yes. It is one of my most appreciated superpower (if I can call it that) as I love chocolates. I can actually finish a 250g bag of Hershey's Kisses (my favorite, by the way) in one sitting without worrying about getting sick. Don't worry, this nail art design has nothing to do with my throat. :)

Recently, my mother gave me 2 packs of my favorite chocolates and I thought of creating a nail design that will actually remind me of chocolates. Painting my nails chocolate brown wasn't enough for me. As I was browsing through my previous nail art designs, I finally decided to paint another version of my cupcake nails, that will actually celebrate its 1st birthday on August.

Here's my Chocolate Cupcakes nail design:

Chocolate Cupcake Nail Art Design 03
Chocolate Cupcakes nail art design by Simply Rins

I'm glad that my nails are back to the length that I wanted for this design to work. Here are the nail polishes that I used for this nail art:

  1. Orly Country Club Khaki for the cupcake holder that I painted on my free edge.
  2. Lucidarling White for the cupcake itself.
  3. Faceshop BR802 for the chocolate fudge on top of the cupcake.
  4. Orly Cherry Bomb for the cherries.

Chocolate Cupcake Nail Art Design 02

I also added the usual sprinkles by embedding different colors of micro beads. Since I placed them on the dark brown polish, I really didn't have to worry about bleeding when I sealed the design with top coat.

Chocolate Cupcake Nail Art Design 01

I was happy with how this turned out and I think I owe that to how the chocolate brown polish I used actually looked like fudge! Personally, the shade really reminded me of chocolate. And it finished with so much shine even without a topcoat!

Chocolate Cupcake Nail Art Design 04

You might also want to look into the Christmas Cupcake that I created for last year's holiday season. The concept is actually the same, I just played around with the colors. Cupcake nail designs seem perfect for birthdays and it may look complicated but is actually quite easy ... and fun to do.

Cupcake Nail Art Design 05

I wore my chocolate cupcake nails when I watched Rizal @150 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). A good friend share with me and few other of his friends, tickets to the show. It was a performance dedicated to the Philippines' national hero -- Jose Rizal. I posted a Jose Rizal inspired nail art design last week in his honor. Hence, my chocolate cupcake nail art had to take a back seat for a few days as I wanted to share that design first.

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  1. Yummy!
    Sadly I can't do cupcake designs. I've tried twice, it doesn't look like one.

  2. Cute! I love the cupcake designs, and I really love the way the brown worked out. It really does look chocolate-y. I really want to try making cupcake nails like you do.
    As a singer (putting nerd hat on), I have to tell you that your ability to yell and holler without pain has nothing to do with your throat's strength... it just means that you're yelling correctly! And ice water won't make it worse (think putting ice on a sore muscle, that's what it does for your throat). And there is NO way, as far as I know, for chocolate to hurt your voice, although you might get sick to your stomach if you eat too much at once :p

  3. It looks so cute and yummy!! I want to eat them all :D

  4. That is so cute and now thanks to you I have major chocolate cravings. Lol.
    I would really like to try this out on my nails. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Wow! I wanna eat your nails! LOL

  6. Hi, Zarina! What seems to be the problem when you try painting cupcakes on your nails? Maybe we can help you. :)

  7. Hi, Frances! Thanks for that info. I always believed that too much chocolates can cause pharyngitis. :P

  8. To everyone, thanks so much to all your wonderful comments. :) I hope you'll try this design and perhaps we can all bite our nails after creating these chocolate treat! :P

  9. ang pretty! nakakagutom! haha :D

  10. hello. i'm just starting my blog about make up and nail. i really love your blog especially this one. kasi imma sweet tooth also haha

  11. Desserts are the best, right? :P