Nail Art: Celebrating 150th of Jose Rizal

Today is June 19 in the Philippines and we are celebrating 2 occasions. First, it is Father's Day. To my Tatay (English: father), "Happy, Happy Father's Day!" Second, we are commemorating the 150th birthday of our national hero, Jose Rizal. I created a Jose Rizal nail art design as a way of participating in the celebration and as an expression of my appreciation to all that he had done and sacrificed for our country.

Jose Rizal Nail Art Design 06
Jose Rizal nail art design by Simply Rins

The inspiration for this nail art was taken from the advertising poster (inset in 1st photo) used to promote Jose Rizal's 150th celebration. I have one accent nail on my left hand and my right hand represents the Philippine flag.

Jose Rizal nail art design 01

I hand painted Jose Rizal on my left index finger in the image likeness of how the hero was portrayed in the poster. As an artist, drawing or painting portraits has always been one of my weaknesses. But I am quite happy with the results of this attempt.

I used Sally Hansesn Black Out as base color for all my nails on my left hand except for the accent nail, wherein I wore Orly Green Apple.

Jose Rizal nail art design 02

I polished my right hand with colors of the Philippine Flag -- red, blue, yellow, and white. I used the following polishes on my right hand:

  • Elianto Yellow for the yellow shade.
  • Essie Marshmallow for the white base color on the accent nail.
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue for the blue shade.
  • Sally Hansen Cherry Red for the red shade.

Oh, if you're wondering, I painted both thumbs black.

I decided to hand paint the sun and the 3 stars of the Philippine flag on my index finger as accent nail for my right hand. I am personally not so satisfied with how this accent nail turned out. I wanted a more detailed sun. But at first glance, I am doubtful if it does look like the sun with rays. Perhaps I should have created more distance between each ray for further distinction.

Jose Rizal nail art design 05

The celebration for Dr. Jose Rizal's 150th birth anniversary will be held simultaneously at Rizal Park in Calamba, Laguna and in Manila. For schedule of program and other details, please visit and like the 150th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal Facebook Page.

Jose Rizal nail art design 03

I believe that everyone can be heroes in their own little way. Do be able to have the courage to do what is right at all times is already heroic for me as it is not always easy to do so. And so, I hope sharing this Jose Rizal inspired nail art design can serve as a personal token of my appreciation and admiration to his patriotism.


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  1. you always seems to amaze me :-D
    i love this mani, it looks like really hard work :-)

  2. good job!

    there is a nail art contest on my blog, the voters have the opportunity to win a lip gloss

  3. As always, your detailing is perfection :) I love your accent finger on the colourful hand!

  4. Wow, the details of the portrait om the ring finger are amazing, and yes, I can tell that it's a sun with rays on the other ring finger. Well done !! :-)

  5. Wow-I can't believe you free handed that portrait-it looks amazing! Very nice mani :-)

  6. Thank you for all your wonderful comments! :)

    I need more practice on painting portraits. It takes a longer time for me to do such nail designs as I find it harder compared to painting cartoonish images.

  7. wow! Rina, this is beautiful :) Ang galing ah, freehand portrait of Rizal on your nails. Galing!

  8. amazing nail art!! very impressive!

  9. Hi, Smarla! My sister says that somehow it looks like Efren "Bata" Reyes when you stare at it for awhile. I need more practice. :P

  10. lovely and patriotic....