Eyebrow Experience at Browhaus

Fact: I was born with thick eyebrows. This is something I inherited from my father. It really didn't bother me until one fine day, a close friend of my mother asked for permission to tweak my eyebrows. Friends noticed and said that I look better with eyebrows that looks actually neater. I have been regularly getting my eyebrows waxed and shaped ever since, at least once a month.

Recently, my regular waxing salon couldn't accommodate me on days I was free for eyebrow waxing service. It has been more than a month and I couldn't (and afraid) to personally maintain it by plucking. I suddenly remembered that I had a discount coupon from my Belle de Jour Power Planner at Browhaus: The Brow Salon for eyebrow shaping and color tweaking. Luckily, they have a branch at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, where I attend an evening class weekly. I decided to give Browhaus a visit before class started last week.

Browhaus Eyebows
Browhaus: The Brow Salon
Serendra Branch

I fell in love with their icon instantly. I find it really creative and unique. Anyway, I was not able to use my discount coupon when I got there because no staff was available for the browgraphy service. But since I was already there and my eyebrows really need some expert's attention, I availed their Classic Threading that costs Php580 (approximately $14). Their Classic Tweezing is priced the same but I personally prefer threading as it is a faster procedure and less painful.

eyebrow threading 01
My eyebrows BEFORE threading.

It has been more than a month since my last eyebrow waxing. Hair growth is now visible near the eyelids. I try to pluck the growing hairs whenever I can in between appointments. But there comes a point where I get scared that I might ruin the shape by plucking too much on one eyebrow and less on the other. I find it difficult to shape my own eyebrows.

eyebrow threading 02
My eyebrows AFTER threading.

Before the procedure, I was asked what shape I prefer. I really didn't have any idea about eyebrow shapes so I asked what would suit me best. The staff kindly explained my options and recommended a low arched eyebrows as it was the natural contour of my brows. I agreed. My only request was not to have very thin eyebrows. I actually experienced that and it definitely didn't look good on me.

This is where it all happened:

I was escorted to a huge (as I am petite) recliner for the eyebrow service. The procedure lasted approximately 10 minutes. After threading, a few hairs where plucked for a cleaner look. The brow technician asked my opinion after she did her magic on my eyebrows. Yes, I was satisfied.

Here are some advantages of eyebrow threading over waxing and plucking:

  1. No redness. I usually experience this after an eyebrow waxing service. Threading will not result to any redness or irritation if done correctly since no chemicals will be used.
  2. Faster. Threading is a quicker procedure compared to other eyebrow hair removal techniques because it can remove a clean line of hairs all at once in a stroke.
  3. Less painful.
  4. Finer hair regrowth. Continued use of eyebrow threading as the procedure to shape your brows will eventually result to finer hair strands when it regrows.

The only disadvantage I see is that Browhaus services are quite expensive. But the thing is, it is hard to gamble when it comes to facial aesthetics. I would personally like to have mine done by an expert and Browhaus is an established one in the field of eyebrow construction.

If you are interested to know more, please visit their website at http://browhaus-manila.com. The site includes a complete list of their services, a gallery of satisfied customers, and other interesting details.

Browhaus currently have 2 branches:

One Serendra, Store space 2C13
The Piazza at Serendra
Bonifacio Global City
City of Taguig 1634, Philippines
+632 901 0597

Store Space 4-003B
4F Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center
Makati City, Phillipines
+632 501 3998


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  1. I love reading you reviews on these kind of things, even though I, of course, can't go to the places you are attending.. :)

    I hope you are feeling allright!

  2. I tried threading once! Oh, was it painful for me! Lol, I ended up tearing. I guess it's not that bad if you maintain your brows, but I did not.

    Also, I tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award on my "10 Facts About Me" post from the month of May. =)

  3. Thanks, Swaafie! I do love to explore my vanity ... sometimes. It somehow makes me feel better and cheers me up a little when I feel sad. I am feeling much better now. I'm hoping for better days. Thank you for asking. :)

  4. Hi, nail crazy! I am very curious about your comment. Do tell what it means! ;)

  5. Hi, Pauline! I'm sorry to hear that you had a painful experience with eyebrow threading. I was told that certain threads (100% cotton ) must be used and if done the right way, it shouldn't be that painful. When the lower part of my brows were being done, I was teary-eyed a little. Have you tried waxing or tweezing?

    Thanks so much for the tag. :)

  6. hi rins,

    i've been following your blog and i love the designs you create. you have a very special talent!

    i only now wanted to comment because i saw the pricing on the threading service. WOW. $14 for a threading service is quite expensive (and i am from the US) but you are right when you say it is hard to gamble when it comes to your face! she did a really great job on your brows, though! :)

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