Nail Salon: Cool Nails

A few weeks ago, my sister wanted to get a foot spa that was relatively near to where she lives. I suggested this nail salon in Quezon City that I have been planning to try for several months now. When she agreed to try it, I decided to join her. And so after work, we drove to Cool Nails Medical Hand and Foot Spa.


I don't know exactly what's the reason behind the "Medical" term on its shop name. I browsed through the menu of services hoping I'd see a hint of explanation. Aside from the usual manicure/pedicure services, they offer treatments to skin conditions such as dry, cracked skin, blisters, and sweaty feet. There's also nail correction and treatments for ingrowns, calluses, athlete's foot, corns, diabetic conditions, fungal infections, and verruccae. This is definitely something that I don't normally find offered in other nail salons.

Cool Nails receiving desk.

Cool Nails also offers waxing services, facial treatments, massage therapy, nail art, and mani/pedi services for kids below 12 years old and below.

Display of Nail Polishes

Whenever I visit a nail salon, the stash of nail polishes is one of the first things I check out. As of this post, I still yet to find a nail salon that will overwhelm me with polish choices. I personally believe that this would be much anticipated by clients. It would also look great to enter a nail salon and be welcomed with vast colors or nail polishes. Carrying a variety of good polish brands would be practical too.

Display shelves of nail polishes and other nail related products.

Customers of Cool Nails can choose between Orly and Elianto nail polishes. Nail technicians will provide swatches to facilitate choosing your nail color. As much as swatches are very helpful in viewing polish colors, it is exciting (isn't it?) to be able to hold the bottles and choose. I personally have this habit of checking out the polish name and sometimes choose because of it. Having this in mind, I find it more effective for nail salons to display their array of nail lacquers that are within reach by clients.


Nail technicians in uniforms are always pleasant to the eyes. But I also believe that the uniforms be properly fitted. The nail technician that handled me was always adjusting her uniform because it was too big for her. The situation distracted her several times and me as well.

Nail technicians lounging in the clients' area while we were still being serviced.

I have always expect a relaxing experience on every trip to a nail salon. The sight of staffs chatting to their heart's content deprives me of that relaxing feel that I want. In most nail salons that I have visited, nail technicians are provided an area, apart from where the customers are serviced, where they could mingle among themselves. I believe this is important to maintain that soothing ambiance any nail salon would like to offer their clients. Even if there are only minutes left till closing time, every customer deserves that good feel.

In the photo above, did you notice that the nail technicians were in flip flops? Even the one that did my foot spa was in slippers. That is just so sad. It looked very unprofessional and not so tidy at all. It was the first time I saw nail technicians in such footwear. It would have been tolerable if they were wearing socks.

Further, presentation of equipment used for the spa and nail cleaning is satisfactory. They could do better. Cleanliness and orderliness is key.

Paraphernalias used for foot scrubbing.

Things used for nail grooming.

Yes, that is a merthiolate! The nail technician actually used that on me for disinfection! Good thing I was looking because I hate that it stains my nails and skin. I asked the staff to remove it and use alcohol instead.

Not So Eco-friendly

Once again, I encountered this:

Foot tub covered with plastic.

Aside from the awkward feeling of having the soles of my feet rub plastic, this is just not environmental friendly. The government have been pushing for people to use eco bags just so we can minimize the use of plastics. In fact, several local department stores are highly promoting these reusable and portable eco bags for use during grocery visits or shopping. I understand that using plastic for the foot tub promotes hygiene. But there are other ways to do. Making sure that every foot tub is cleaned well with soap and warm water for each client is one way.

Nail Technicians

The most influential factor that would convince me to go back to a nail salon is how good the nail technicians are. My foot spa with pedicure was handled by 2 staffs. One did my spa and the other did nail grooming and polishing. I don't mind the switch as long as the service was satisfactory. I got worried with the latter. Particularly, on how she handled the nipper. I personally like nail technicians who has gentle hands. In my visit to Cool Nails, the staff pushed my cuticles really hard and didn't have gentle strokes with the nipper. In every cut she makes, I was honestly scared she would injure me.

I was also disappointed on how they serviced my sister, who was sitting beside me at the time. We both availed of the foot spa with pedicure. Her toes were groomed first before it was soaked in a foot tub. We all know that the spa goes first and the cleaning last. I was more disappointed with myself because I failed to stop the process! Don't they have another foot tub for us to use?

Other Details

Sofas allow clients to lounge comfortably and magazines are available to entertain you during your service.

Cool Nails: Medical Hand and Foot Spa is located at Examiner St., West Triangle, Quezon City. If you would like to try their services, they can be reached at (02) 4915618 or via their mobile no. 0917 8834688. They are open daily from 10:00am to 9:00pm. Street parking is available.

Disclosure: I paid fully for all services availed. My experience with Cool Nails may be different from yours.


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  1. i always dread to try new nail spa! i'd rather stick to my favorite one although being their regular client, they get chummy to me na, haha, panay na rin ang talkies nila with one another. pero ok lang, as long as they still do their job the way i like it! had a horrible experience with a nail spa in galleria, i have no time to post about it yet, but will do it this week!

  2. Hala, a nail spa in Galleria! Will look forward to that review!

    That's the thing about having a regular nail technician, sometimes, they get laxed on their service. So I'm always on the look out for other nail techs that are good as well. I have very thin skin on my hands and feet. I easily get wounded. That's why it's important to me to have a nail technician that can adjust to her client's nail/skin disposition.

    But as of this posting, I decided that if ever I try out a new nail salon, I'll just get foot care services. My nails on my hands suffered when I started trying out new nail salons. :(

  3. I've never had a pedicure in a spa! I have to try it some day.. :)

  4. i just saw your reply, i'm baliktad, only 2 nail techs are allowed to do my manicure aside from my trusted manicurista at the province. i have problematic toenails, deep na yun sides so not for someone na pag aaralan lang my nails LOL.

  5. Hi Rins! My husband's toenails are terrible!!!! It was "murdered" (as what people call it) by some manicurista.. It has been years since he had his last pedicure. I guess he was traumatized by the incident. His assistant experienced it too (same manicurista). His toenails are getting thicker and darker. He tolerates the pain until he got used to it. My poor hubby :(( huhuhu. I told him to sue the manicurista since he's a lawyer, but my hubby is so kind that he let it pass. HELP RINS!! What do you suggest? What should we do? :((

  6. Hi, pamgotcrazy!

    I'm sorry I missed to reply to this sooner.

    If you're having your nails done and it got wounded by the nail technician, it is NECESSARY for her to apply antibiotic cream or treatment. All nail salons should have this. Did your manicurista apply treatment on the affected area on your husband? What I suggest is to talk to the owner of the salon and come up with an agreement on how to deal with the situation. They should be responsible for their nail technicians. Each should be properly trained on how to properly take care of nail wounds.

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  8. Hi Rins! You may want to try Aria Nail Lounge located at Tandang Sora Avenue, Q.C.
    Check our Facebook page for more info.Thanks!

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