Nail Art Tutorial: How To Feminize A Character

A few days ago, I shared with you my Whale Nail Art Design that I presented through a love story between 2 whales whom I named Wally and Wendy. Here's a nail art tutorial of how I painted the whales. I would particularly focus on how I feminize a character for a nail design.

Personal Tip: Based on experience, I find it easier to paint an
animal or a design in sections. To do this, I dissect the design into shapes.
- - - - -
(1) I painted the head of the whale first and its body. You need to
decide where your whale will face. (2) Then I drew the tail at the
other side of my nail. (3) When you're satisfied with the shape of
the head and the tail, connect them. I used a light blue acrylic color for
both of my whales.

(4) With pure white acrylic, I painted the water spray that comes out
of a whale's blowholes. For detail, I added a few water drops. (5) Next,
I painted the eyes and a smile. I preferred my whale with big eyes. I wanted
an outline for the eye so I painted a black oval shape first. (6) I then
carefully painted white acrylic over the black oval for further eye detail.

(7) I added a small black dot to the eyes to create an expression that
the whale is looking upward, at his/her spray. If you're doing the male whale,
the step ends here. Apply top coat to seal your design. (8) To create
the female whale, I added 3 lines above the eyes to serve as eyelashes then
added a small light pink dot on the cheek to create a blush. (9) Let
the design dry completely for a few minutes before applying a layer of top coat.

The addition of the eyelashes and a blush on the cheek are a few ways to girlify a generic character. The whale nail art has been my second attempt to create a design with a male and female version. My first was the Penguin Nail Art Design, wherein I painted a ribbon on the head to make a girl penguin. This is another technique to feminize an animal design.

Nail Art Penguin 03

Adding eyelashes will not work for the penguin since its body is black. The lines will not be visible unless you use a lighter color, in which case would look weird. Adding blush on the cheek may work but I personally found the pink bow on the head to be enough.

I hope this nail art tutorial will be helpful to those who would like to try painting a whale on their nails or to those who would like to try girlifying a character for a nail design.

I'd be happy to answer any questions if you have one. :)


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