Nail Art: Only Red For My Birthday

After wearing my whale nail art design, I rested my nails for a few days. Surprisingly, I didn't feel the urge to paint my nails. But I recently just turned a year older last May 25 and I really (really!) wanted to wear red nails. Unfortunately, I didn't have time until 2 nights ago to do some nail art. I opened my helmer and saw a red polish sitting at the back row. I didn't have to look for another shade. Can you guess the name of the polish I used?

Here's a clue:

Red Nail Art Design by Simply Rins
Something Red Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

If you said China Glaze Ruby Pumps, then you are right! The last time I used this was when I did a Fimo flower tip nail design last year. I am bias to the color red, my ultimate favorite color! And Ruby Pumps is definitely one of my favorite shade of red nail polish.

Red nail art design 01

I actually wore this color with no nail design for a day. But the nail artist in me insisted I do something the girly the following day. I came up with 2 accent nails using my ring fingers. Design was created using acrylic paint.

red nail art design 02

I drew 3 flowers on the accent nail and chose 2 shades of pink and altered the third flower to make it interesting. And so for my left hand, I chose a light yellow to break the pink-red pattern.

red nail art design 03

For my right hand, I chose a light blue color for the third flower. I also added a few white tiny dots on random spaces for additional detail. If I had more time, I would have done all 10 nails. But alas, I got really sleepy. That night, my fluffy pillow seemed too irresistible.

red nail art design 05

Although I did this red nail design days after my birthday, I'm still considering it as my birthday mani. Better late than never, right?


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  1. Very cute! I love the accents. (:

  2. happy birthday rina..with delay:(
    very cute design

  3. I adore this design's simplicity.:) Belated happy birthday!♥

  4. happy birthday dear Rina :-D
    lovely mani :-D

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GORGEOUS! Love these flowers!

  6. Happy birthday! I loooove the accent design you did! :D

  7. Thanks so much, ladies! :) I really wanted to do all nails but I got sleepy.

  8. WOW! so cute :) Happy Birthday by the way :)

  9. I wish that you have a tutorial for the nail art. I am very wondering how did you make it pretty and perfect. I am also excited for the new design release.

  10. what kind of nail polish you used in flower?