Nail Art: Manny Pacquiao

The Philippines is rejoicing with the recent win of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, pound-for-pound best boxer in the world, over pound-for-pound legend, Shane "Sugar" Mosley on May 08, 2011 in Las Vegas. His victory has made the Filipinos proud once again.

I am not really a fan of any sport. In all honestly, I haven't watched any of Pacquiao's fights in full. The only time I do watch is when I find myself with a family member that is watching the boxing match. But I am a fan of the boxer that brought so much honor to the Philippines. I painted my nails in your likeness to join my countrymen in celebrating your latest feat.

I am proud to share with you my Manny Pacquiao inspired nail art design.

Manny Pacquiao nail art design by Simply Rins
Manny Pacquiao inspired nail design by Simply Rins.

I have 2 accent nails. I painted the face of Manny on my left hand and a representation of the Philippine flag on my right. I left the other nails plain. I think the Pacman deserves the limelight on my nails right now.

Manny's real name is Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao. He's the first boxer to win 10 world titles and the first to win in 8 weight boxing divisions. He was tagged "Fighter of the Decade" on 2000.

Nail Art Manny Pacquiao 03

I decided to paint my Manny Pacquiao inspired nails in black and white. I used 2 coats of Orly Goth and Essie Marshmallow as base for the accent nail. The face of Manny was painted using black acrylic.

A giant Manny Pacquiao figurine that my partner and I
found in a local shopping mall. This served as my
inspiration while painting Pacman's face.

I was not satisfied with my first attempt in painting Manny's face. But I took a photo to show you how it turned out. I personally thought it had too much hair!

Nail Art Manny Pacquiao 01
First attempt to painting Manny Pacquiao's face.

On my first try, I painted the hair first before the actual face itself. I believe this what made the difference. I was not able to properly allocate enough space for Pacquiao's face as a result. When I was done, it looks as if the hair overwhelmed the entire face!

Nail Art Manny Pacquiao 04

For my right hand accent nail, I painted a representation of the Philippine flag. I still left the other nails plain. I used China Glaze Blue Sparrow and China Glaze Red Pumps to paint the flag. The sun and stars were very hard to paint so I resorted to stamping them instead. :)

Nail Art Manny Pacquiao 05

I don't know if the Pacman will have another boxing fight. But I am sure that the world will be looking forward to his next match. For now, I am a happy wearer of a Manny Pacquiao nail design.

"Congratulations, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!"


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  1. the best ka rins saludo ako sau =)

  2. Whoah! Ang galing! Anong tool ang gamit mo?

  3. Thanks, girls! Cheers to the Pacman! :)

  4. can you please film a tutorial on this nail art? its perfect for this weekend.

  5. Sadly, I can't squeeze a tutorial for this in time for Pacquaio's big fight. I am sorry. Perhaps on his next fight? :)

  6. Now I am singing 'Para sayo ang nail art na 'to..' Goodluck Manny!

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