Nail Art: Butterflies and Flowers

Based on my timezone *grins*, Mother's Day is tomorrow and I'm dedicating this butterflies and flowers nail art design to my Nanay (mother) who have been unconditionally supportive of me and my love for the arts!

Mother's Day happens in the Philippines and in some countries every first Sunday of May. Others celebrate it on February, March, or April. If you are curious to find out when Mother's Day is celebrated in other parts of the world, you may check it here.

I have for you butterflies and flowers as a nail design for Mother's Day. I used 2 coats of Orly Samba as base coat and Essie Marshmallow for the accent nails. The 2 butterflies were painted using acrylic.

Butterflies and Flowers nail design by Simply Rins
Butterflies and flowers nail design by Simply Rins

I photographed how I painted the butterflies and hopefully you will be able to get some tips on nail painting.

Butterfly Nail Art Tutorial:

Nail Art Butterfly and Flowers 02
1. First, I painted the shape of the butterfly using black acrylic. I did this first because I intended my butterfly to have an outline and this method is easier than drawing your outline last. You will have a better idea of what I mean on the next photo.

Nail Art Butterfly and Flowers 03
2. With your preferred color, paint your butterfly. The design is completely up to you. For this nail design, I chose pink as the dominant color of my butterfly. Carefully paint the details, making sure you leave a thin portion for the black color to create that outline.

Nail Art Butterfly and Flowers 04
3. If you decide to have a colorful butterfly, go ahead and paint the details. Remember to keep a little of the black color for your outline. For this nail art, I used yellow as a second color for my butterfly.

Nail Art Butterfly and Flowers 05
4. I added white dots on the tip of the wings for further details. Finally, seal your design with a good top coat. I am currently using Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat that I was able to purchase locally through Digital Traincase.

I was supposed to leave the other nails plainly but I figured my butterflies need flowers so I stamped an image from Bundle Monster BM11 plate to create flower tips.

Nail Art Butterfly and Flowers 06

I used different colors for the butterfly on my right hand since no 2 butterflies are exactly the same, right? ;)

Nail Art Butterfly and Flowers 07

I also did Nanay's nails!

Nail Art Butterfly and Flowers 01
Flower nail design for my Nanay!

She's wearing 2 coats of OPI Do You Lilac It as base color. Flowers were painted using acrylic. It was Nanay's suggestion to have light pink flowers. At first, I thought it will not show. Clearly, I was wrong! The nail design looks really dainty and perfect for Mother's Day! :)

I'm ending this post with a greeting, "Happy Mother's Day!"


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  1. lovely butterflies :) Ilove that you can do your mothers nails!
    Here in Denmark it's mothers day tomorrow too, but in my family we don't really celebrate these kind of holidays..

  2. great mani, lovely butterflies :-D
    and nanay's mani is awesome too :-D

  3. OMG, im speechless. :) you're one of my fave nail artist! :D

  4. Love it. I really like your tutorials. Learning a lot from you. Thanks!

  5. Lovely, as always. :)

    Mother's Day is tomorrow here in the States, too.

    Happy Mother's Day to your Nanay.

  6. i should try that butterfly design next time, you made it look so easy, sana lang easy nga.haha! great design as always! =)

  7. Fun! I like the butterflies, they almost look comic-book-ish or something.

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