Why I Blog

Today, there are still people who are at awed whenever they find out that I blog primarily about nail art. I can only guess that from their point of view, my blog seems shallow. I beg to disagree. I blog not just to show photos of my nail designs. I blog because I want to constantly challenge myself to be better in 5 things:

1. Mastering my craft.

Christmas Nail Art Cupcakes 05

Blogging about my passion gives me a reason to keep pushing myself to enhance my skills. I want to be different, to create my own personal style. At present, I am glad to say that I've created a few original designs that I later innovated. The cupcake nail art is one of my original designs when I first tried freehand nail painting. I created a version of it for Christmas.

2. Writing well.

Most of my blog posts are photo intensive and I always challenge myself to accompany pictures with good content. There's always a story behind every nail design. But I've learned that content is useless if not expressed well. When I created my Teddy Bear nail art, I shared its history and other interesting facts.

3. Inspiring people.

Nail Art Earth Hour 07

I blog to inspire people. I have created nail designs that I use to promote certain advocacies such as the Earth Hour and Breast Cancer Awareness. This is one way of putting my talent into good use.

4. Helping others.

Whenever I can, I share nail art tutorials to those who are interested to learn how I do a particular design. The tutorials actually contain techniques on nail painting. This is my way of sharing my gift.

5. Expressing love for country.

I interact with fellow nail artists around the world through my blog. And I feel proud whenever my talent is recognized or appreciated. But more than just myself, I'd like to be identified as a Filipino talent. And so, whenever I can, I join international nail art contests to promote the Philippines. I have been lucky in some of these competitions.

Crawling Spider Nail Art by Simply Rins Elvis Rock and Roll Nail Art by Simply Rins
My Crawling Spider (left) won at last year's Halloween Nail Art Contest
and my Elvis Nails (right) topped at a "Rock n Roll" themed challenge.

As I continue to blog, I will always have these 5 challenges in heart. This is definitely not just a nail art blog, it offers more.


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  1. mine is more shallow, i just babble about cosmetics and nail polishes and talk about how i throw away my money hahahaha!

  2. Good post!! I would say...so what if people think it's shallow.
    If you're having fun, that's the most important thing!!

  3. wow, i didn't realize people looked at blogs like this as shallow, i guess then they think mine is shallow too. i don't think it's shallow, it's something you are passionate about, it's fun & people enjoy seeing your work & getting design ideas! : )

  4. And it is visible on your blog, because that is the reason I am always happy when I see on Bloglovin that you wrote a new post :)

  5. Wow you're so good! I love cupcakes so much and I'd really love to have it on my nails. How did you do it? Awesome! :)

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post as i am new to your blog so great to see what drives you to produce such a great blog!


    shel xx

  7. and that's why we love you :-D

  8. what a nice post~ and you know what? your blog is soooo not shallow!

  9. Thank you all so much for your support. I'm happy that a lot of you understand my sentiments. :)