Simply Because

This post challenged my creativity and my ability to stay up really late. Please proceed. :)

Jehzlau Concepts together with one of the most respected hosted services provider
worldwide, is looking for one lucky person to take home a brand new iPad!

I would like to try my luck and have fun at the same time. Here are 7 reasons why I should deserve that amazing gadget:

1. Portfolio - It is one thing to be able to show a physical catalog of my nail
designs to prospective clients and another to be able to show the catalog
through an iPad. For any artist, presentation is crucial.

2. Impression - Looking young has its disadvantages. Often, people
would not take me seriously. An iPad can make all the difference
by making people go beyond 1st impressions.

3. School - I have been recently accepted to an elite society that holds classes
weekly. Instead of bringing a pad paper to school, it would be better to
bring an iPad instead. I would be helping to save trees in the process.

4. Anti-stress - I play games to de-stress myself. One of the
games I enjoy is Angry Birds. Sadly, I do not have a device that can
allow me to play that game. Running it on a PC is not the same and is
not something I can bring with me anywhere.

5. Productivity - The iPad provides mobility and that means I can practically
work almost anywhere and consequently, accomplish more tasks.

Nail art inspiration: Logo of Ready to be Rich by Fitz Villafuerte
6. Inspiration - I have been planning to venture into another business and
I'm scared of failing. I need a push, an inspiration. Winning the iPad will
surely give me the "kick" that I need.

7. Emotion - I honestly will be very, very sad if I don't win.

P.S. My nubbins are slowly growing! With all the nail designs here, do you have a favorite? I enjoyed doing the yellow pad paper inspired nail art. I would probably do something like that again.


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  1. good luck! I love your nails ;)

  2. What a cool post! I hope you win - you deserve it! :D

  3. You really deserve it! Good luck =)

  4. wow cute and very creative entry! hehehe.. thanks for joining rina! ^_^

  5. great post, i hope you win, i'll keep fingers crossed :-D

  6. Thank you all so much for the support!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed too! :)


  8. Hehehe that's so cute how you present your reasons! Good luck, I hope you win!

  9. ang galing naman ng pagkadesign mo sa nail.. Good Good ka po :)

  10. Wow I hope you win :)

    I tagged you for a Kreativ Blogger award love your art <3

  11. goodluck!! i really do hope you win! you deserve it!

  12. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I feel like a winner already! :)

  13. goodluck miss rins! :) nice nail arts.

  14. Such a great article which It is one thing to be able to show a physical catalog of my nail
    designs to prospective clients and another to be able to show the catalogthrough an iPad. For any artist, presentation is crucial. Thanks for sharing this article.