Nail Art: White Flowers

I know it has been quite a long time since I posted a nail art design. Work has been keeping me busy and my nails are still trying to recover from brittleness. But I had some free time tonight and decided to do some freehand nail art painting . I did my toes as well! So expect some footsie shots. :)

This is my second floral freehand nail design. Yes, I'm practicing. My mother loves flowers on her nails and I know she'll like the idea that I am trying to be comfortable with floral designs. I simply called this nail art, White Flowers.

white flowers nail art
White flowers nail art by Simply Rins

Honestly, I had no nail design in mind when I chose my base color. As I looked into my unused nail polishes, I spotted a bottle that my mother gave me as a gift a few months back. It was a deep red color and since I adore practically any shade of red, I didn't think twice of wearing it.

Nail Art White Flowers 06
This is Deborah Lippmann Bitches Brew.

I painted the white flowers with acrylic paint. I thought of using a dotting tool for the flowers but I was feeling professional (Ha! Ha!) so I decided to freehand the design. I painted irregular shaped petals to give the flowers some depth.

Nail Art White Flowers 01

Did you know that colors of flowers have corresponding meanings? If you are into details, you may want to know these before sending flowers. For example, in courting a girl, guys should stay away from yellow flowers as it represents friendship and this is certainly not your intention. However, if you are already friends and would like to take it to the next level, you may combine yellow and red flowers as they symbolize that you are falling in love with her. Red of course is a color that everyone (I think) knows that pertains to love.

Nail Art White Flowers 02

Pink flowers are also associated with romance but it's more of a feminine color that is perfect to give to your partner on a casual occasion. When I was younger I received blue flowers (roses actually) that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, I color faded as it was only dyed to become blue. To see the color fade was saddening. In general, blue flowers means peace and trust. You may give this to your partner as a sign of intimacy.

Nail Art White Flowers 05

And then there are white flowers that symbolize purity of intentions. This is the perfect color to give to your partner on the start of your relationship. If you combine white and red flowers, you are saying that your relationship is long-lasting and deeply bonded. This is the reason why I would love to have only red and white flowers on my wedding day. It is the perfect combination, right?

Nail Art White Flowers 04

Perhaps this design would have been more appropriate during Valentine's Day but I'm feeling romantic lately so I decided to go with this nail design.

Have you received flowers lately? I'm being cheesy so do share your romantic moments if you like. :)


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  1. Pretty. Looks like spring on your nails.

  2. Oh my goodness, this design is stunning! I don't think it's all that valentines-y, since you chose a dark base colour, so I think it could be used all year round ;) I must try this design once!

    I must add I'm a huge fan of your nails/toes matching manicures - it looks so picture perfect and breathtaking!

  3. that's gorgeous!
    i love it!

  4. very pretty!! very spring looking mani! <3 it

  5. this is not pretty... this is awesome, perfect!!!

  6. Hi girl! :)
    I love your nail arts - I know them mostly from various nail art contest, where both of us are submitting our entries ;)
    This time I'm hosting a contest, did you see it? I hope you will entry :)
    I'm waiting for your entry ^^

  7. This is So lovely! I dig how your fingies and toes all match! really cute!

  8. To Steffie: Unfortunately, we just have 2 seasons in our country -- rainy and summer. It would be wonderful to experience Spring. Thanks for pointing out that this nail design is appropriate for the Spring season. :)

    To Jette Fromm: You're probably right, this can be wearable any day. It would take a little getting use to because I'm not so comfortable wearing florals. I believe I only have a pair of floral shorts in my wardrobe. Oh, and thanks for complimenting my footsie/handsie photos. :)

    To Paulina: Thank you! I think I need more practice with my flowers. Specially when painting with my weaker hand.

    To Silence is Loud: Do you have Spring in your country?

    To nail crazy: Aww, that is so sweet. It is truly heartening to read all your comments.

  9. To tansumut: Hi! Welcome to Simply Rins! I hope you can explore my other nail designs and tell me what you think about them too. :)

    To Orlica: Ah yes, nail art contests is something that we share in common but I'm glad that those contests pave ways for new friends. I love seeing your work. I am a fan. :) I will try my best to submit an entry to your nail art challenge to show my support.

    To JQ: Thanks so much! I am feeling girly right now because of the matching hand/feet nail design. And it's floral too! ;)

    To Don Trivino: Salamat! :D

  10. omg rina..this are the so perfect..and the way you match it with the pedicure..I am in love..great job:D

  11. So pretty just love it <3

  12. Ugh, my mother loves flowers too. So much, in fact, that I think she vomits flowers. Mothers. Anyway, your flowers are extremely gorgeous- irregular shaped petals definitely gave an extra "umph!"

  13. To kory_nails: Kory, you are my floral guru! You inspired me to learn how to paint flowers as nail designs. :)

    To -Diana-: Thank you, it is always encouraging to read such comments. :)

    To Starving Nail Addict: I believe most mothers are into flowers. And the irregular shaped petals is a good excuse for imperfect nail painting. Ha! Ha! ;)

  14. This is gorgeous! And the base...WOW!!!

  15. wow to your nails, and to your talent! :D

    followed you! :D

  16. Gorgeous design and so well done! I might manage one or two accent nails this elaborat but all my fingers and toes, never--I'm very impressed with your work here. :)

  17. You're so great at freehand! I just love every nail art you bring to the tables!

  18. To MissKatv: Hi, and welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm happy that you found my site worthy to follow. :)

    To love4laqcuer: Thank you! I do enjoy looking at your nail art and I find them pretty as well. :)

    To KarenD: I had some free time that night so I decided to do my toes too. It does take more effort to do toes as bending is quite tiring and it is harder to see toenails. I really do appreciate your comment. Thank you. :)

    To omgnoodles: I'm still learning techniques on doing freehand designs. I'm loving the endless possibilities! You create lovely nail designs as well! :)