Nail Art: Hello Kitty

I've been receiving requests for a Hello Kitty nail art design since last year and I finally came to doing it! Yey! I do apologize for the delay as sometimes, my head is preoccupied with other nail designs and it is quite difficult to figure out what to do first!

Anyway, two weeks ago, I asked my sister if she could grow her nails longer as usual as I wanted to do some nail designs on her. She gladly obliged. She agreed to wear the Hello Kitty nail art for me and for all Simply Rins' readers!

Hello Kitty nail art design
Hello Kitty nail art design by Simply Rins

I painted Hello Kitty on both her ring fingers and polka dots on all other nails. Yes, you can say that I'm into dots these days as I find them simple and classy at the same time. For the base color, I used Revlon Cherries in the Snow. Opaque with one coating but still decided to use 2 layers for this Hello Kitty nail design.

Nail Art Hello Kitty 01

Brief background:

Hello Kitty is an original design of Yuko Shimizu for the Japanese company Sanrio that was launched on 1974 and 2 years after, released in the U.S. It is a Japanese bobtail cat with a big bow on her head. Until today, Hello Kitty remains the highest selling brand of Sanrio. This popular kitty has been an inspiration to a variety of products, from coin purses to bags, from cups to kitchen appliances, from pens to notebooks, and there are now Hello Kitty nail polishes!

Nail Art Hello Kitty 02

I have friends that are fans of Hello Kitty to the extent that they become collectors of Hello Kitty products. I am personally not fond of any Sanrio character but while composing this post, I tried to understand why a lot of girls all over the world adore this fictional cat. I came up with 3 reasons why girls (of all ages) love Hello Kitty.

Reasons why girls love Hello Kitty:
1. Hello Kitty is a cat.
That statement is of course, obvious! But I simply want to say that if dogs are frequently associated with men, cats are usually affiliated with girls. I believe that it is easier for us to relate to Hello Kitty simply because she is a cat.
2. Hello Kitty is adaptive.
Unlike most cartoon characters, Hello Kitty changes her outfit. This trait allows her to express moods and we all know how girls can get moody with just about anything. I believe this is what makes Hello Kitty timeless. She can be glamorous or casual and still be adorable either way.
3. Hello Kitty reminds us to be childlike.
A child is often described as innocent, curious, imaginative, and open to all possibilities. As we grow older, we tend to lose these qualities as we embark the difficulties of life. Through the years, girls have been stereotyped and we tend to comply to what other people limits us to be because we are afraid to show the world what we could do. And so I have always been proud of girls who make it to a "man's world". Hello Kitty stands as a reminder to always find the child within us, to be natural and true to self.

Nail Art Hello Kitty 04

Speaking of cats, I actually adopted a strayed cat just last week. She sleeps and plays in front of our shop all day and often, I'd see her hunt for food. I have to say that I rather grew fond of her because of her playful ways and so one fine day, I decided to feed her! I named her Odie because I thought it was a male cat until I realized that it was a she! As Hello Kitty would have been a more interesting name, I decided to stick with Odie. :)

I would like to thank my sister for being the model hands for my Hello Kitty nail art design. She has an online fashion store that you can visit here and PVC printing services that you can avail here.

I hope you liked this simple Hello Kitty nail art. Her simplicity makes it easy for nail artists, regardless if you are a beginner or not, to paint her on nails! You can even select any color for her big bow depending on your preference or mood.

Do you love Hello Kitty? Why? I would love to read your reasons. :)


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  1. wow, we're hello kitty sisters at the moment! love your artwork, I always do =)

  2. Amazing details, as always with your designs - and I'm really digging the dots you use, it looks great with all your designs :)

    I have been very fond of hello kitty and part of me still am - but not to the point where I cannot resist stuff with her on anymore, LOL! For me, it was all about the childlike happy feeling, she stands for.

  3. love hello kitty.

  4. Aww this mani is adorable! So well done!
    And hehe, I think I will love Hello Kitty no matter how old I get :)

  5. love this mani even though im not really a big fan of hello kitty, but i do love the kitty you adopted!! so cute!!

  6. too cute! i looove Hello Kitty~ :)

  7. To Trincess: I did saw your Hello Kitty nail art! :)

    To Jette Fromm: I like Hello Kitty but I don't have any product of her. She is adorable in a manner that girls do feel like a child when looking at her. :)

    To Tansia Musabbir: I hope you could tell us why you love this popular kitty. :)

    To adrienne: Thanks! She is timeless, noh? :)

    To Silence is Loud: Same here! I hope my adopted cat will get fond of me as I am of her. :)

    To Katrina: Hi! Thank you! Hello Kitty is so kawaii! :)

  8. To Don Trivino: My sister's nails are Bongga! ;)

  9. This is great!
    My sister loves Hello Kitty,which makes it alot easier when buying presents for her :)

  10. i love kitty, great mani :-D

  11. Thanks, girls! I am not really fond of Hello Kitty but she does looks adorable on nails. :)

  12. Hi Rins!! I have used this design as inspiration so I have linked back in my blog. Thanks for being my muse!! :D

  13. Hi, istarh!
    I saw it and I think it looks great. I think it's better than how I did it, actually. Thank you for mentioning my blog as your inspiration. :)

  14. So Cute .I like Hello kitty.

  15. Hi rins, do you know of a nail art school, kahit maliit lang, in Quezon City? Do you teach? Thanks.