Nail Polish For Pets

On February 27, 2011, my partner and I attended Hobbes & Landes' La Belle Epoch: A Victorian Dog Affair. The event included activities such as a fashion show by Baby Moon Pawprints that showcased their latest collection, pet booths, and lots of games! They even set up a marriage booth for dogs that attended the event.

Before the event started, I saw this while we were window shopping:

Pet Nail Polish 02
Nail polish for pets!

I spotted Color Paw a nail polish for pets! It is safe, dries quickly, and only needs one coat!

Pet Nail Polish 01
How paws will look with nail polish.


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  1. Cute! I like it. :) But I'd never be able to put it on my dog's nails... He would freak out while trying to apply the polish on the nails. :D Besides, he's a male, a manly man indeed!

  2. funny ..I love's so trendy:))

  3. I also wanted to try this on my sister's dog but she's (the dog) too hairy and the polish would not show. :P

  4. Hee! I can't think of any dog my family has owned that would sit still long enough to get their nails painted.

  5. I love these nail polishes for my dog and I think she looked so awesome. These are really fun to apply and at first my dog wants to lick it. After a while, she was ok with it and certainly she looked so lovely! For more information on nail polish see this awesome site