Nail Art Tutorial: Overlapping Dots

I totally forgot that my sister and her husband will be running their first full marathon today. But I did make a promise to make this nail art tutorial and I just didn't want to break that promise. :)

In my previous post - Nail Art For Beginners (Polka Dots) -- I showed a few nail designs using dots or polka dots. A fellow nail artist asked me how I did a particular design wherein I overlapped dots. I told her that I'll be making a nail art tutorial for that design for her.

I dedicate this video to Starving Nail Addict, whom I promised this tutorial. I also hope this would be helpful to those who'd like to try freehand nail painting.

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  1. Thanks! I would like to try it with purple and pink :)

  2. I love that design :) I'll try it myself someday!

  3. Great tutorial! I will definitely be trying this one ~

  4. Thank you so freaking much! I really appreciate it! (And I'm cheering for your sister and her husband!)

  5. great tutorial, thanks :)

  6. Thank you all for appreciating the nail art tutorial. :)

  7. great rina you are doind tutorials now??:P
    you have 2 prizes on my blog:*