Nail Art: I've Got the Blues ... Clues!

Do you know Blues Clues? It's a television show for kids who's star is a dog named "Blue" basically because he's colored blue. It's an educational show for children wherein Blue is always presented with problems or mysteries to solve. He then gathers clues with the help of his friends. I made a Blues Clues nail design as an entry to a nail art challenge with the theme: I've Got the Blues!

Blues Clues nail art design
Blues Clues nail art by Simply Rins!

I painted Blue on my ring finger as accent nail and his blue paw on my other nails. And so, yes, I became "literal" in interpreting the contest's theme! The television show was the first thing that came into mind when I was brainstorming on what design to submit.

Nail Art Blues Clues 01

For base, I used 2 coats of Orly Mirror Mirror. Application is easy and opaque with 2 layers. I used acrylic nail paint for Blue and the paws. This shade is becoming one of my favorite base colors for nail art.

Nail Art Blues Clues 03

The nail art contest is hosted by Nail Art Express. Participants have a choice under what theme to submit an entry. There were 2 themes: 1) Feeling Hot Hot Hot and 2) I've Got the Blues. All entries of both themes are now posted and open to public voting. I'm encouraging you to see the other fab nail art entries and vote for your favorites. Please take note that you need to vote for 1 nail design on each theme for your vote to be valid.

To vote, leave a comment here using this format:

My vote for Feeling Hot Hot Hot is #___.
My vote for I’ve Got the Blues is #___.

Disclosure: I'm currently resting my natural nails to recover from breakage and brittleness. This design was done using artificial nails.


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  1. Oh I love it! I'll vote you for sure :)

  2. Omg so cute!! I love how you thought of doing Blues Clues for a theme about the "blues". Will definitely vote for you :)
    Oh and I'll bet you'll be surprised to find out Blue is actually a girl dog! I think there's a boy dog on the cartoon called Magenta--interesting role reversal. For the longest time I thought she was a he too!

  3. You've got my vote. So cute!!

  4. so cute, i love it, you're truly an artist... but i said this thousand times before :-)
    now i'm going to vote :-D

  5. yayyyy so cute :)i vote for this design :)

  6. Aw this is soo cute! You really have a talent for this :)

  7. I love this one, I already voted for you! :D

  8. Thanks a lot ladies! Thank you also for the votes. :)

    To Constellational, I honestly didn't know that Blue is a girl! And yes, I think there's a pink dog in the show as well. It's a HE? This is interesting!

  9. you've got my vote!! this is soooo cute!!

  10. I know Blu's Clues - my daughter used to watch it when she was younger. I love this...and I voted for you some time last week. Good luck!

  11. Amaaaaazzzzinnng. Can I ask a permission? Kung pwede ko ba yan gayahin? Been following your blog. And palagi ko binabasa post mo. Puro nail art din ang laman ng blog ko. You can visit it.

  12. Hi, Lin! Of course! I am happy that my designs inspire you to try them on your nails! Thanks so much for being a follower. I'll be checking your blog! ;)