Nail Art: Cupcake Using Konad Image Plates

Last month, OC Nail Art held a nail art contest through their Facebook page. The challenge was to create a nail design on your hands and feet using only Konad products such as image plates and special polishes. The only exemption is the base color, wherein participants are allowed to choose any brand of nail polish they prefer. Designs must be posted on the OC Nail Art Facebook Page and must show both manicure and pedicure having designs on all 5 toes and fingers.

Several weeks passed and I still haven't decided on a design yet. I wanted to create a design that will show how versatile Konad stamping nail art can be. I wanted to show that truly, imagination is the only limit using Konad products, specifically, its image plates. So after a long while, I decided to recreate my Cupcake nail art using the few Konad plates that I have.

Here's the result:

Konad cupcake nail art
Cupcake nail art using Konad image plates by Simply Rins!

You have to forgive me because I failed to take separate photos of my hands and feet! I was actually engrossed into taking a decent picture of both my mani and pedi in 1 single shot that I totally forgot to do separate shots! @_@

For the base color, I used 2 coats of Essie Au Natural and used Konad white and red special polishes for stamping the design. I used the following Konad image plates: m44 (cupcake holder), m73 (cupcake), and m2 (heart topping).

Cupcake nail art using Konad image plates tutorial:

1. After applying a base color, I used OPI Alpine Snow for french tips. The white base will help make the red stripped cupcake holder more opaque. When everything is completely dry, I stamped vertical stripes design from the Konad m44 image plate using Konad red special polish.

2. For the cupcake itself, I used a full nail image from the Konad m73 plate. Since I have relatively short nails, I just put Konad white special polish halfway through the design. Please refer to the image below for reference.

Cupcake Nail Art Using Konad 04

Several full nail images from various Konad plates can be used. Pick a design that have more solid shapes so that the arc of your cupcake can be easily recognized.

3. Wet a cotton bud with acetone and create a cupcake shape with your design that was picked up by the stamper. Simply remove the side edges to get a dome shape.

Cupcake Nail Art Using Konad 05
This is how the image will originally look on your stamper before any alterations.

Cupcake Nail Art Using Konad 06
This is how the image will look on your stamper after creating your desired cupcake shape!

4. Add a red heart or whatever color you prefer to serve as garnish for your cupcake nail art. Since I joined a Valentine's nail art contest, I figured a heart is in order. I used a small heart from the Konad m2 plate for this. Placing the heart in the center was a bit difficult at first but when you pick up a small design on the edge of your stamper, it makes it easier to transfer the design on your desired location.

Cupcake Nail Art Using Konad 07
A closer view of the cupcake nail design using Konad image plates!

I'm thinking of other designs I can come up with using Konad image plates. I hope this post inspired you and hopefully we'll see more designs such as these. I'm already tinkering on another design using the same technique. :)

Cupcake Nail Art Using Konad 03

I have very short toe nails so I decided to just stamp the cupcake without showing the cupcake holder. I was deliberating whether or not to show the cupcake holder on my big toe but decided I wanted to create a consistent look with my other toenails.

As of this post, judging of the contest is ongoing. Win or lose, I was able to achieve my objective and I'll surely be thinking of other designs wherein I can combine images from the Konad plates and create something like these cupcakes. Strawberry perhaps? ;)


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  1. That is super cute! such a great idea to "edit" the design before applying to your nails :)

  2. Amazing idea! I love it so much :)

  3. Lovely mani and pedi :-)

  4. i always wondered what to do with this image. great job!

  5. Thanks for appreciating my "edited" (love this term, Danielle!) cupcake nail art using Konad plates! ;)

  6. It reminds me more of a bucket of popcorn! lol

  7. Hi, Leslie! I can now see what you mean! :D

  8. this is the best entry I've ever seen. I hope you're the winner! =D

  9. Great site. Good information. Like it. Will be back to read more soon.

  10. muy bonito

  11. thanks for sharing this with us, great idea :-D

  12. Thanks girls! I hope I can come up with more designs using the same concept. :)

  13. Congratulations on winning OCNailArt contest. these cupcakes are super cute.

  14. Super awesome! I adore it and can't wait to try it! need to get a few more plates. And your toes look fabulous as well I wouldn't worry!

  15. To alikat789, that's so sweet but I didn't win the contest. I just got into the top 5 and that was enough for me. :)

    To JQ, thanks! I also don't have that much Konad image plates. If I won, I would have used the GC to buy more! :P

  16. woot playful imagination talaga galing2

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