Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Clark Pampanga

Part of our pre-valentine's date is a visit to Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga. My partner and I were actually at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta earlier that day and before lunchtime, the heat was beginning to get unbearable and we wanted to maximize (a little) our stay in Pampanga, so we decided see Zoocobia. We found a booth inside the fiesta grounds offering a discounted entrance rate that included a free shuttle ride going to the fun zoo and back to the Hot Air Balloon area.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo
Entrance to Zoocobia Fun Zoo.

Animals found in Zoocobia is very limited. However, the fun zoo offers activities and various opportunities to interact with some of the animals. The place will be more appreciated by kids. But since I consider myself a kid (sometimes, haha!), my partner and I tried the attractions in Zoocobia.

Here are some of things you can do in Zoocobia:

1. Watch the animal show at "The Barn".

Zoocobia 14

There's an animal show that you can catch during your visit to Zoocobia. Various animals will showcase several tricks for you. A monkey, parokeets, and a poodle are among the animals that will entertain you during the show.

2. Feed the animals!

Zoocobia 09
For Php20, you can feed the goats with a small bottle of milk! And yes, those are my Betty Boop nails! This is my favorite goat among the 3 others inside the fence. This one would really reach for the milk bottle and will play tug-of-war with you! Or perhaps he was just hungry?

Zoocobia 08
This is a bearcat and I fed him half a banana for Php20. We asked the caretaker if there's a chance these bearcats will jump to the ground. Apparently, these adorable creatures can't survive on the ground. So they're moving freely above our heads! So just make sure you watch out for poo poos!

Zoocobia 18
This ostrich continuously pecked my hand for some food pellets! For Php20, you'll get to experience feeding this gigantic bird. Don't worry, the caretaker will give you a sturdy glove to protect your hand. Just be careful that the ostrich can't peck away your glove!

3. Go down the giant slide!

Zoocobia 17

The bottom of the slide is filled with hay to catch your fall. We didn't try this one. I think these slides are more for kids. If you will allow your kid/ss to go down one of these slides, you may want to standby the bottom just to make sure your kid/s will have a safe landing.

4. Enjoy the company of freely lurking animals.

Zoocobia 06
This goose pecked my foot!

Zoocobia 07
This turkey was lurking inside the "Birds Paradise" and it was as if he wanted us to take his picture!

5. Find your way out inside the Garden Maze.

Zoocobia 05

While you're finding your way out this small maze, you'll be accompanied by animal topiaries. Unfortunately, it seems they're not well maintained because during our visit, we could hardly recognize what animal the plant represents.

6. Experience the Zooc Ride!

Zoocobia 02

This is a MUST! The Zooc is a gravity car patterned from the luge in Singapore. The track is approximately 400 meters and is inclined downward. The single seating car has brakes for control. The front handle can also be maneuvered to the right or left. The Zooc ride costs Php100 for a single run.

Here are some of the animals you'll encounter at Zoocobia:

Zoocobia 03
Bearcat that loves bananas!

Zoocobia 04
Meet these birds up close and personal in Birds Paradise.

Zoocobia 11
This camel was taking a pee when I had my picture taken with him!

Zoocobia 13
Black, thin cow. :(

Zoocobia 12
A lazy black pig.

Zoocobia 15
A deer and uhm ... I forgot what kind of animal is the other one.

If you get to visit Pampanga, you may want to take your kids at Zoocobia Fun Zoo. There's a restaurant within the zoo if you get hungry. Entrance fee to Zoocobia is priced at Php274 as of this post.

There is a souvenir shop across the entrance. It's filled with various stuffed toy animals. I wanted to buy one but I thought Php200 was a bit expensive so I just took photos.

Zoocobia 01
Some souvenir toys you can take home from Zoocobia Fun Zoo.

For further details and how to go to Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga, please visit the following sites:

Website: http://www.zoocobia.com/
Facebook: Zoocobia Facebook Page


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  1. it sounds like fun... i like bearcat, never even heard of this animal but it looks cute :-D

  2. Oh wow! My parents are actually in Pampanga right now,I wish I could go..Next time I'm in PI I will check out this place! Thanks for posting!

  3. To nail crazy, the bearcat is cute noh? I just don't know if it is friendly but it looks like it as they allow it to move freely.

    To elle, try the Zooc ride when you visit Zoocobia! :)

  4. love the photos!! :) especially the lazy sleeping pig! HAHAHA! now i know they're not kidding when pigs are LAZY! this is a living proof :))


  5. Hello. How much was the entrance to zoocobia?

  6. this are all common animals most of it, we have it on our backyard, and ang mahal pa ng entrance.

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