Valentine's Nail Art: Bed of Roses

Valentine's Day is almost around the corner and I've decided to post a few nail designs for the occasion. For girls who'd like to dress their nails, I hope you'll be able to find inspiration in my Valentine's nail art designs. This is the first installment to a series of valentine's inspired nail art and I simply called it "Bed of Roses". :)

As most of you have probably observed, I don't usually make floral nail designs. My being a cartoonist greatly influenced my nail art and hence, I've been practicing freehand designs. I'm loving it. It gives more flexibility to any nail artist. Anyway, I've been talking to a fellow nail enthusiast that is really good in floral nail designs and she inspired me to try it out. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to start so I searched the Youtube channels for floral nail art tutorials and I found this video by sewcrafty1. It's a rose nail art tutorial using simple dots. I recommend that you watch it here.

After several practices, I finally came up with this Valentine's nail design using the technique I learned from sewcrafty1's tutorial:

Valentine's nail art design
Valentine's Nail Design: Bed of Roses by Simply Rins

I have 2 accent nails for this design, my pointer and ring finger. This is where I painted overlapping roses and added a few leaves to finish the design. I didn't want to overwhelm the overall look so I just added polka dots on the other nails to create a more dainty feel. In the end, I really liked how this Valentine's nail art turned out.

Here are the nail polishes that I used as base colors:

Valentine's Nail Art Bed of Roses 01

Essie Wife Goes On is a good medium dark pink. I used 2 coats of this. Application is superb and is very pigmented. I used Essie Blanc for my accent nails. Application is quite streaky but evens out on the second coating. I also used the latter for the polka dots.

The roses and leaves were painted using acrylic paints.

Valentine's Nail Art Bed of Roses 02

Roses are not my favorite flowers. So it's actually a surprise that my first floral freehand design involves roses. I also am not so fond of pink polishes because I don't think it flatters my skin tone. But I used a pink shade for this nail art. I wanted to create a Valentine's nail art that is not dependent on the usual red color. Are you liking it so far?

Valentine's Nail Art Bed of Roses 03

I think the best thing about this design and this technique is that you can do this easily with any hand. Whether you're using your dominant or weaker hand, you'll find this quite easy to execute.

I really enjoyed doing this Valentine's nail design so I went on and did my toes! And so warning, I have a couple of footsie shots. :)

Valentine's Nail Art Bed of Roses 06

I'm still experimenting a little on how to photograph my designs. If getting a decent shot of both my hands is hard, I found it harder to take footsie shots! Regardless, I had a good time matching my manicure with my pedicure. Most of the time, I just leave my pedicure with a dark color polish. After this nail art, I'm inspired to do this matching thingie (Ha! Ha!) at least once a month or whenever I have more time to do so.

Here's a photo I attempted to show my matching hand and feet Valentine's nail design:

Valentine's Nail Art Bed of Roses 07

Do you have a date this coming Heart's Day? Perhaps you'll considering wearing this nail art. I hope I didn't bore you with all the pictures I posted. I was having fun, doing and taking photos! :)


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  1. That looks incredible. I love roses, so I love this look :P

  2. valentine nails with matching pedicure! >v< you're so talented rins..
    and the footsie shots are very nice.. :D

  3. so pretty, and with matching toes. too cute!!!

  4. so beautiful..very elegant manicure and pedicure also..

  5. I love it! The flowers are so delicate and detailed! I really love this in your pedicure. I should start doing nail art on my toes too!

  6. Oh this is beautiful - fingers and tootsies too.

  7. Thanks girls! And thanks for being kind with my footsie shots! :P

  8. omg! I love this! So prettyyyy! Especially so because I adore roses! you're so good!

    I'm glad I found your blog! Following you ;)

    Ninin of the two miss fits

  9. surely, i want to do this, when my nails grew back!!! i love it!

  10. wow! i'm always dazzled with your manicures! this one is superb!

    PS. thanks for the vote :)

  11. oh this is so cute, i love pedi the best :-D

  12. omg galing mo talaga rins waaa super ganda btw i tagged you on a award i dunno if meron ka na nyan pero you deserve to get another one hehe. God Bless and more more and more designs sis


  13. oh my god! I love the roses!!
    the look so beautiful !!

  14. Thanks so much! :)

    I'm resting my nails for awhile and work has been hectic. I'll be back soon with more nail designs. :)

  15. beatiful =)great post! i'm having my first blog giveaway, lots of Stila Cosmetics to be won, maybe you'd like to enter? it's open to all readers. Thanks! =)

  16. this is amazing work!!!!! oh my God, I have to copy this one =)