Nail Art: Year of the Rabbit / Bugs Bunny

2011 is the year of the rabbit based on the Chinese zodiac year so I figured it's just appropriate to do a nail art featuring the most famous rabbit in the world -- Bugs Bunny! According to my Chinese partner, technically speaking, the year of the rabbit will start on February 03, 2011. And so this Bugs Bunny / Year of the Rabbit nail design came in advance. :)

bugs bunny year of the rabbit nail art
Bugs Bunny nail art by Simply Rins!

I did 2 accent nails, both on my ring fingers. The other nails were left plain with Faceshop BK901. This is my 1st holographic nail polish which I purchased at Faceshop. Application was easy and opaque in 2 coatings. For the accent nails, I used 2 coats of Lucidarling White. I painted bugs bunny using Revlon Silver Screen and used acrylic paint in all other colors.

Bugs Bunny Nail Art 01
"Ehh, what's up doc?"

After doing this nail art, I thought of doing a nail art that features the characters of Looney Toons! I wonder how long it will take me to paint each character on my nails. This would definitely go to my to-do list!

Bugs Bunny Nail Art 04
A carrot for every rabbit!

They say the year of the rabbit is a lucky year. I truly hope so. :)


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  1. Love the Bugs Bunny! The holo polish looks amazing as well :)

  2. i'm gonna die!!!
    you're so amazing!!!
    hope this bunny bring us all some happiness :-)

  3. Cute! Original as always. :) Hope you're coming up with more CNY designs!

  4. Nice idea for Bug Bunny. I love that. My suggestion is your another fingers color shouldn't be dark gray, it should go white or little pink and white ^^

  5. So fun! I love that holo too~

  6. Thanks so much ladies! If I had longer nails, I could have painted a longer ears for Bugs Bunny. :P

    To nailartexpress, what does CNY stand for? Help! I'm clueless!

    To G27, I actually thought of pink for the other nails but I just couldn't resist my 1st holographic polish. :)

  7. Here's to hoping this year is lucky! Your nails look so cute! :)

  8. Super!I made something similar :) using acrylic craft paint :)

  9. Oops! CNY = Chinese New Year!

    Is this the set that you will be submitting for the CNY-themed nail art contest? :P

    Would also be ever so grateful if you could help me spread the word about the contest!

  10. To nailartexpress, oh! :) Nah, I'll try to create something new for the CNY-themed nail art contest. And sure, I think I can write about your contest here.

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