Better Late Than Never

I've entered a few nail art contests last year and luckily, I won in 2 challenges that I entered. But unfortunately, it takes a very (as in) long time for the prizes to reach the Philippines via air mail. I guess it's just really hard to send something to our part of the world. Anyway, I wanted to wait for both prizes to arrive before I post this. After almost 2 months, I finally have them!

Last October 2010, Polish Freshie held a Halloween Nail Art Contest and this was my winning entry:

Crawling Spider Nail Art by Simply Rins
Crawling Spider Nail Art by Simply Rins!

The Crawling Spider nail design was also included my Halloween nail art series. It has been one of my favorites until now and I really did enjoy doing it. This was the prize that Polish Freshie sent me:

Mac and Claires
Mac Bad Fairy, Claire's Glow in the Dark and a pineapple flavored lollipop!

I'm still waiting for the right occasion to wear my Bad Fairy. I still haven't tried wearing the glow in the dark polish but I bet I'll have fun with that one during a movie trip. :) Thanks Freshie for the wonderful prizes! She was so sweet to track the package she sent by keeping in touch with me.

I also joined the nail art contest hosted by The Lacquerista. The theme was Rock N' Roll. Taking the suggestion of my sister, I came up with this winning entry:

Elvis Rock and Roll Nail Art by Simply Rins
Elvis Nail Art by Simply Rins!

This probably was one of the freehand nail designs that really challenged me because I wanted a cartoon version of Elvis Presley and I feared that it might not look like him. In the end, I really liked how this turned out. Here's the prize I received:

Gosh Holographic
Gosh Holographic and a note from the host!

Thanks Regni for this cool prize and the handwritten note! I'd also like to thank all my friends and followers who supported me in all the nail art contests that I joined. I truly treasure the loot I got as I couldn't find any of those locally.

I apologize to both Freshie and Regni for not being able to post about this sooner.

Update: (January 15, 2011)

Speaking of nail art contests, Nail Art Express is currently holding one with a Chinese New Year theme. Deadline of submitting an entry is on January 23, 2011. She will be posting the nail designs the following day. Do visit her site for more details. :)


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  1. Really? 2 months? I won a giveaway a month ago too and I haven't received it yet. If you had it after 2 months that means I don't have to worry about it since it takes THAT long before I can receive it.
    Anyway, your prize is bad fairy? Awesome! I want one too! =)

  2. Congrats on your winnings! I can't believe it took that long!!! I also can't wait to see that Gosh holographic polish!

  3. Hi, Camille! I guess it has something to do with geography or probably the Philippine postal system is really bad? But yes, I'm sure your loot will arrive sooner or later. Congrats!

    Thanks LadyLuck27! I'll surely enjoy wearing those polishes soon!

    Hi, Varnish Vixen! Thanks! Me too! I was already wondering if the polishes got lost in transit. I'm assuming that maybe the delay had something to do with the fact that Christmas season is the busiest time of the year. :)

  4. Congratulations on your wins! You got some good prizes.

  5. I love your original nail art! Me encantan tus diseƱos...!
    I'm your new follower from Barcelona ;-)

  6. Thanks Danielle! :)

    Hi, Angeles! Welcome to Simply Rins! I'm glad you liked my nail art! I'll be following you too! :)

  7. Wow! LOVE your nail art - you are a talented artist! I especially like the "Elvis Rocked My Nails" design - Elvis is totally recognizable, the blue guitar is awesome, and the gold and black design just oozes Rock 'n Roll! Such a well tied-together theme!!! Congrats! <3 Ruthie

  8. Hi again Rina! Did you pay anything when you claimed your prize? I'll be claiming mine from the post office. Thanks! =)

    Oh, and I voted for you and Mae for the Chinese New Year Nail art contest=)

  9. To Camille, I didn't pay for any custom tax from both prizes. Unless it comes from a seller, I think you'll be safe. Personal packages are usually not taxed. :) Thanks so much for your vote. :)