Tutorial: Garfield Nail Art

Last week, I shared with you my Garfield nail art. Here's the Garfield nail art tutorial that I promised. I decided to make a video nail art tutorial since it's photo heavy. I've included some personal tips and techniques that I use for my freehand nail art designs.

I hope you enjoyed watching my first ever video tutorial. I'll be trying to create more for my future designs.

It's December! Christmas in just around the corner and I'm sure all nail art enthusiasts are thinking of unique nail designs to wear during the holidays. I am too! For the whole month of December, I'll be posting at least 2 Christmas nail art. Unfortunately, I broke my thumbnail during my recent trip so I had to cut all my other nails short. Hopefully, it will grow back to my desired length in time for featuring Christmas nail designs for this month. :)


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  1. Thank you for the video Tutorial!

    :) I love seeing how you created such an awesome design!!

  2. Ur tutorial makes it look very do able. :) I'm afraid I'll mess this up but will definitely give it a try as soon as I have these colors and some free time.
    I am such a big fan of ur cartoon nail art. The black outlining and drawing is really accurate.

  3. wow! you're so good with freehand =) wish I can do this on my nails=(

  4. Great tutorial :D I like that it's short and precise! I might have to try and do it, but with nail polish instead of acrylic paint

  5. Hi, girls! Thanks so much for watching the nail art tutorial. :)

    To Swaafie, the same principles apply when you use nail polish. Try painting a white base first before your chosen color so that the colors will not mix. :)

  6. This tutorial is great, you rock=)
    Can't wait to see more =)