Nail Salon: Bamboo Nail Spa

Nail Salon: Bamboo Nail Spa
I made an appointment with Bamboo Nail Spa in San Juan last week for my Nanay and I. The booking was accidental because our usual nail salon couldn't accommodate us. Actually, I was supposed to just accompany my mother but since we're going to try a new nail salon, I figured I should try their services for a review.

Normally, I wouldn't bring Nanay to a nail salon that I haven't tried yet because I didn't want her to get disappointed with the service. But I wasn't so hesitant to book an appointment with Bamboo Nail Spa because the nail technicians came from Cocomo Nail Spa, my favorite nail haven for more than 5 years that closed last September 2010.

Bamboo Nail Spa opened last October 2010. Like most recently opened nail salons in the metro, it wears earth-tone colors, which I personally like over feminine colors because it is more relaxing. The name is quite intriguing and I would have loved to see some bamboo-inspired in its interiors.

They have a wide array of services and packages that you can choose from. Their services include:

Classic Manicure and Pedicure: cleaning + massage + polish

Bamboo Spa Manicure and Pedicure: cleaning + exfoliation + extended massage + polish

Bamboo Luxury Manicure and Pedicure: cleaning + aroma scrub + massage + mask + polish

Little Princess Manicure (children 8yrs old and below): soaking in foam bath + trimming of nails + polish

Other Treatments:
Hand Paraffin
Foot Paraffin
Polish Upgrade
Change Polish
Acrylic Nails

I availed of the classic manicure and the Bamboo Spa Pedicure.

Bamboo Nail Spa 02
Foot tub used in Bamboo Nail Spa.

They use a large wooden pail to act as a foot tub. It would have looked appealing but it was covered with plastic to hold the water for foot soaking. And so as a result, it lost its charm. I also didn't like how it felt having plastic on my foot tub since I tend to move my feet and the texture of the plastic makes the experience less relaxing. Personally, if you're going to cover wood with plastic, why not just use a plastic tub. It also makes one wonder if these plastics are reused. It would be unhygienic to reuse a plastic for different clients. And it's not really environmental friendly.

Bamboo Nail Spa 05
Nail tools were kept tidy and neat in these trays.

I've known the nail technicians at Bamboo Nail Spa for years since I've been a regular client at their previous nail salon. They're good and keen when it comes to cleaning nails, which is actually my biggest concern whenever I visit a nail salon.

Bamboo Nail Spa 06
Nail polishes that were available upon our visit to Bamboo Nail Spa.

For nail enthusiasts like myself, I would rather have a hard time choosing a nail polish than to have limited shades available. Hopefully, they'll be adding more colors to their stash. The shelves would look marvelous with more nail polishes.

Bamboo Nail Spa 07
This is exactly where I sat during our visit. Nanay sat right infront of me.

Bamboo Nail Spa 04
What I like most about Bamboo Nail Spa is the fact that they took into consideration privacy of clients with these curtains. And so even though you share the same sofa with other clients, you'll have some privacy. I don't like rubbing elbows with other customers during a nail salon visit because it somehow ruins the pampering experience.

The lighting in Bamboo Nail Spa creates a cozy ambiance. As this type of lighting is not so helpful to nail technicians, they compensate by having portable lamps whenever they feel they need one. This is definitely a plus. I've mentioned in my previous nail salon reviews, a well-lighted area will make it easier for nail technicians to work more efficiently, resulting to a happy client!

Bamboo Nail Spa is located at G2 Strata Views Condominium P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Manila, Philippines. You may call for an appointment at 0917 8382382 or at 706-6280. For other details, do visit Bamboo Nail Spa Facebook Page.

Disclosure: I fully paid for all services I availed. My experience with Bamboo Nail Spa may be different from yours. This review is entirely based on my personal preferences and insights.


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  1. The place looks lovely but yes, the plastic bag in the foot tub was quite weird. I don't get why they did that. Apart from that though, the place looks lovely :)

  2. the reason why they put plastic bag in the tub is to be hygienic, so definitely they won't reuse it. and yes the place is indeed lovely & cozy. good nail technicians too! would definitely go back to bamboo nail spa! :)

  3. Hi, Karen! It would be great if clients would see that these plastics are not reused. I just found it not so appealing and quite weird to the feel. And still not environmental friendly. But yes, the place looks really cozy. :)

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