Organic Rituals Spa - Holiday Sparty Packages

Organic Rituals Spa sent me these information so I can share it with you. To all those who are planning a sparty this Christmas season, you might be interested to check out the packages that are available at Organic Rituals Spa.

First, they have the Sparty Singles. This will give your guests the option to choose the services they'd like to avail during your party. This is perfect if you like to fully customize your sparty.

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They also have the Basic Sparty Packages. These are pre-arranged sparty packages. All you have to do is choose which among the 3 bundled services fits your budget and would most likely appeal to your guests. This may not be that flexible but it will definitely save you from worrying about your budget. Because with these pre-arranged packages, you'd already know how much will come out of your pocket. Each of these packages is inclusive of food and handmade eco gifts by the Sexy Chefs.

The Sexy Chef offers four (4) themed packages for your sparty:

1. Zen Japanese inspired motif (black, wood, and green)
2. Oriental Chinese inspired motif (red and gold)
3. Mediterranean Seascape motif (blue and white)
4. Continental Contemporary motif (eco colors)

Food menu varies depending on your choice of theme.

For further details, please call Organic Rituals Spa at (02) 661-3101 or send a text message at 09154487838 from 11:00am to 9:00pm from Mondays thru Saturdays. You may also join their Facebook Page at

Bookings made from November 5-30 will be given priority bookings.

Oculars of the spa are allowed anytime.

Organic Rituals is also currently having a promo for the whole month of November 2010.

Organic Rituals Spa is located at the Mezzanine Floor of the Atlanta Centre at 31 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan.

Disclosure: This blog post is a request from the management of the Organic Rituals Spa. All photos that were used here are property of Organic Rituals.


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