Nail Art: Garfield

After doing a Snoopy nail art, I thought it is most apt to do a nail art of the most famous cat in the world next. And so, I share with you another colorful nail design with my Garfield nail art! Yes, it seems like I'm into a cartoon mood this past few weeks.

garfield nail art
Garfield nail art by Simply Rins

I have three (3) accent nails again for this design. I painted Garfield, Jon, and Odie on 3 nails and left the others in plain colors. I also went a little crazy by painting different colors on each hand. I really like how this mani turned out.

This is how the base colors look bare:

Nail Art Garfield 01
This is 2 coats each. Essie Splash of Grenadine on my thumb, pointer, and pinky fingernails, OPI The It Color on my middle finger, and OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui.

Nail Art Garfield 02
My right hand is dominantly painted with OPI The It Color with only the ring finger in OPI Do You Lilac. These were polished with 2 coats each.

I intended this Garfield nail design to look dainty so I chose pastel colors. Anyway, Garfield is the second cartoon character that I memorized to draw when I was still a kid. Snoopy was the first.

Nail Art Garfield 03
No, there is no meaning why I painted Garfield on my middle finger. *grin* But I made sure that Garfield would appear fat on this nail art. Look! his face can't fit into my nail! I saw it fit that Jon be as close to Garfield as possible. He needs to keep an eye on our famous chubby cat.

Nail Art Garfield 05
Odie monopolizes my right hand. He needs all the space for him to run around like a crazy dog.

Nail Art Garfield 04
Odie on top!

Here's a little something to look forward to. Starting next month, I'll be featuring at least 2 Christmas nail art every week. I will try to post 1 more nail art design before November ends. I've also received a few nail art requests that I'll probably be able to do by next year. I promise! :)

I hope you liked my Garfield nail art! Tutorial will be featured on a separate post.


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  1. ooooh this is amazing! you're so talented =)))

  2. Those are great! How do you get them so neat? Do you use nail art pens or polish on a brush?

  3. Wow.. I'm flabbergasted.. It looks exactly like the dude himself (is it Jim Davis or am I remembering wrong?) made it! It doesn't show any signs of a shaking hand or anything.. I really have to learn to do nail art like this! So I'm looking forward to your tutorial :D

  4. awesome!! you're the best!! ilove garfield :)

  5. wow! So detailed and what a great theme! I love them :)

  6. Amazing, I could not do it in a million years :-)

  7. This is amazing! You're so great with free-hand!

  8. another wonderful creation... I love Odie!!!!!! can't wait for your christmas designs!

  9. you're really good at your craft. I like your taste.

  10. wow, this is really amazing. I think that somebody's gonna steal your nails, because they really are a peace of art =)

  11. very funny! :)) love them

  12. Thanks a lot for your lovely comments girls! :)

    To Sammersaurus, I use a brush for everything because I don't have a nail art pen. All outlines were painted using acrylic paint.

    I've received a few requests already on how I do these nail art designs. You may refer to my previous tutorials that actually have personal tips.

    I'm currently out of town for the weekend but I promise to do a tutorial post for the Garfield nail art that would include how I do the outlines. :)

  13. Love it love it love it!! I was fully inspired by you and tried out a lil' Simpson's Nail art.. Its nowhere as great as your work, but kinda cute :) and i cant draw with my left hand so my right hand is sorta bare :( But, I am practicing.. Thank you so much!! You've given me something so great to try out.. I always loved doing my nails but never thought of doing something like this! :)

  14. OOoh Every time I come here I'm like "That's my FAVORITE!"
    <3 Great base colours too!

  15. I LOVE YOU GARFIELD!!! I read your comics strip everyday!!!! wah thanks for doing garfield Rins! you're the best!

  16. You are soo good at nail art! Just followed your blog since I want to keep updated with all your latest designs! Keep it up Rina! :)

  17. Thank you! :) Watch out for my Christmas nail designs for the whole month of December.

  18. theyre soooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna do em on my nails but im not quite that good yet i dont think :):)

  19. I love Garfield and this mani makes me crazy! love it <3