Nail Art: Christmas Gift Boxes

I know it's not yet December, but I submitted this nail art design to a nail art contest that asked participants to paint our nails that depicts our favorite part of the holidays. I'd like to share this with you. I chose Christmas and since I belong to a non-traditional family, I find that gift wrapping is one of the ways I can express my creativity (aside from nail art) during this joyous season. Yes, we really don't decorate. :)

And so I came up with this nail art design:

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 11
Christmas gift boxes nail art!

I just realized that I'm into a multi-colored nail art phase! My previous Caronia Butterfly Nail Art also had a different shade of nail polish per nail! Hmm, I think my mood is trying to cheer me up through my current nail designs. I wanted to create something simple but lively that's why I opted to paint each nail a different color. The colored the bow the same shade on all nails to have something constant. I felt having different colors for the bow will make the design confusing.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 09
From left: Orly Cherry Bomb, Sally Hansen Emerald City, OPI The Show Must Go On, and L.A. Colors Wave Length. I used Dashing Diva Lightening Ray for the bow. All in 2 coats.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 10
From left: Caronia Lounge, OPI Rising Star, China Glaze Blue Sparrow, and L.A. Colors Metallic Pink. Everything in 2 coats except for the Caronia Lounge which I thought needed 3 coats.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 12
From left: Orly Solid Gold and Elianto Indigo Shine. Each applied in 2 coats.
Yes, apparently I really have big thumbnails!

Tutorial for Christmas Gift Boxes nail art:

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 01
1. For the gift boxes, I started out with painting a line from edge to edge of the nail, as if you're doing a french manicure. This will serve as your guide for painting your boxes. I find this an easier technique than to apply the polish normally using downward motion.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 02
2. I then proceeded to painting the lower part of my nail from the guide to my tips.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 03
3. Next, I drew the center of the ribbon with white acrylic paint. I use this method whenever I'm working on a non-white base so that the color I wanted to use for the design will pop out and not mix with the color underneath it.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 04
4. I then continued by drawing an outline of the ribbon itself with white acrylic paint, making sure it would cover most of my nail width. I find that having an outline makes it easier to shade an entire shape. It is also easier to fix than creating a solid shape immediately.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 05
5. My next step is shading the ribbon to make a solid white base.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 06
6. When the white base is completely dry, I painted over it my chosen color -- silver, with a blotting motion. As I mentioned in my previous nail art tutorials, I find this effective in making the color more opaque.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 07
7. Finally, I outlined the ribbon with black acrylic paint to give it details.

A friend suggested I should have placed gift wrapper patterns to add twist to this Christmas nail art. So why I didn't actually confuses me! It was a brilliant idea! Perhaps if you'd try this nail art, you might consider my friend's suggestion.

Nail Art Christmas Gift Boxes 08
I find this nail art sweet and classy. What do you think?

Note: I submitted this nail art as an entry to Give The Gift of ... Nail Polish! Nail Art Contest. If you have time, do check out all the other fabulous entries!


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  1. Ahhhh, this is so cute! I would love to wear this during the holiday season this year!

  2. What an adorable look. I love it! Love the different colors of "wrap" and the consistent bow. Toooo cute!

  3. OMG! Is amazing, you did a beautiful design.

  4. Adorable! I'm looking so much forward to December and christmas-inspired nail designs. It's awsome that you provide ideas and inspiration already! :)

  5. you're a true nail artist! i'm loving your tutorials. i also did gift boxes on my nails this weekend. great minds think alike :)

  6. Oh wow, thank you all so much! :) Don't forget to check out all the other fab entries!

    To Asami, I'm glad this nail art gave you some ideas for the holidays! I've always admired your designs, your nails always look so neatly polished! :)

    To Anita, I was going for glittered polishes for the "wraps" but alas, I only have a few. It would have been nice to see a lot of shiny specs on this nail art. :)

    To Carolina, thanks! All the other entries looks amazing as well.

    To Trincess, you've always say the nicest things about my designs. Thank you for that. :)

    To Jette, come December, I'll surely post a lot of Christmas nail art designs! This mani came a little early. :P

    To Enamel Girl, goodie! I hope you'll share with us your version of gift boxes nails! :)

  7. I love these! :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. so cute Ms. Rins!!! I hope I could do that too.. can i ask you a question? what acrylic paint are you using? thanks in advance!!! :O)

  9. Wow, very nice! can I have that on my nails please. I like the red.

  10. Totally adore them. Can't wait to try them too! :) Good luck to you Rins!

  11. To Elsa, I'm using Pebeo craft acrylic tube paints. I bought them at National bookstore. So far, I like the consistency.

    To Nanay, for Christmas? :)

  12. Suas unhas ficaram realmente lindas!! vou votar em voce!!

  13. I really like the ribbon..they are so well done:d and all the same:d great ideea

  14. Omg, this looks so cute and precise *__*
    Your like a professional!

  15. Thanks so much for admiring my Christmas nail art design! :)

  16. Oh my god, you are really talented! :)
    Have u got a tip for a beginner how to make a funky and different nail design? :)

  17. Hi, Hannah!

    Thanks for dropping by Simply Rins!

    When I started pursuing my love for freehand nail art, I started with combining simple shapes to create a design. I got worried with using my left hand to I practiced using basic shapes first. As for inspiration, anything goes! Look around you and surely you'll find something that you'd like to turn into a nail design.

    As an example, you might want to check out my Cupcake nail design tutorial --

    I hope to see you again here soon! :)

  18. Great work! I stumbled onto this as I was looking for snowmen designs. I don't know if you won the contest... the designs were all good...but really, yours were the best! Thanks for the inspiration! :-)D

  19. Cute,cute! I really like these creative designs.