Nail Art: Caronia Butterfly

This nail art is a tribute to Caronia Philippines who provided gift packs of nail products for my 1st nail art contest. One of which is included for the winner. The others will serve as prizes for another contest. *wink* They also gave me a personal gift pack that contained the 4 shades of the Bright Nights Collection that they introduced to the market this month together with other nail care products.

I wanted a nail design that will showcase all 4 glittery colors of the latest Caronia nail polish collection and this is what I came up with:

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 10
I simply called it Caronia Butterfly.

Well, you all know me and my inclination for accent nails. I freehand painted a butterfly on both my ring fingernails and polished the other nails with each of the Bright Night Collection. I also used the same collection for the butterflies.

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 07
Caronia's Bright Night Collection! From left: Gold Rush, Trance, Lounge, and Stellar. Application was easy. I achieved the bottle color in 2 coats. The Fast Dry Top Coat is not part of the collection but was included in the gift pack. I used this as well.

This is how the base colors look bare:

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 12
This is 2 coats of each nail polish. That's Essie Blanc for my ring finger. Please forgive me as I forgot to include a swatch of the Caronia Gold Rush on my thumb.

Tutorial for Caronia Butterfly:

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 01
1. I painted the head and the elongated body first. Color combination will depend on your preference.

Personal tip: I draw my design on a paper before actually painting my nails. This would eliminate trial and errors on your nails. It's easier to change your mind on paper compared to when you're doing it on your nails already.

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 02

2. Next, I drew an outline of the wings. As I said in my previous tutorials, it's easier to see the shape of your design when you draw an outline first.

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 03

3. I continued to fill the wings with polish. Feel free to adjust the shape of the wings after you see the solid shape.

Personal tip: Based on experience, when working with nail polishes for making solid shapes, it is easier to use a blotting technique instead of swiping to get a more opaque result with less effort. You may use a dotting tool or a nail art brush for this. I use the latter.

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 04

4. Using white acrylic paint, I painted a design inside the wings. The white base will make the polish you intend use more opaque. You may do polka dots, stripes, or whatever fancies you.

Personal tip: You may ask why I didn't paint this first if it will just be like smaller wings. Well, I don't like complications. It's easier to paint over a solid color than to paint on the edges of a shape, specially when working on a very small canvas like your nails.

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 06

5. Finally, using black acrylic paint, I outlined the shapes I painted and added a few details. Without the outline, it would be hard to see the butterfly with all that glitter. This is also the reason why I chose a white base color for the accent nail. The black will separate the colors and will surely pop out over white.

If you've noticed, my favicon is a butterfly. It's my favorite insect (!) or animal. That sentence amused me. It is an insect, right? Anyway, I've always been fascinated with butterflies and I feel that painting a butterfly is most apt considering how colorful the Bright Night Collection is.

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 08
A colorful and smiling butterfly!

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 09
I decided to use a different color combination for the right hand
because no 2 butterflies are exactly alike.

You may leave the other nails as is and let the various colors be the design itself. Or, you can add flowers like this:

Nail Art Caronia Butterfly 11
Random white flowers on the other nails using Konad m2 image plate and white Konad special polish.

Thank you again to Caronia Philippines for helping me celebrate my 1st blogoversary by providing gift packs as prizes for the "Color It Red" nail art contest and those that will follow.

I hope you'll like the colors on this nail art.

Let me close this post with a butterfly quote from Irish Blessing:
May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond.


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  1. So cute! :) The butterflies are very detailed. Perfect for a little smile on a gloomy winter day :)

  2. That is so cute! the butterfly is so adorable... My little girl wants to see the design on her nails. I would definitely buy that collection soon=) thanks for sharing Rins =)

  3. Nice very artistically executed. pwede ba sakin yan. ganda talaga

  4. cute... Ü
    im not a big fan of caronia for most of their polish is so sheer but then just glad that caronia released new colors.. thanks for swatches

  5. that is tooooo cute girl!!! :)

  6. that's adoreable! such a happy mani :)

  7. wow! you are very talented!

  8. Thanks so much, girls! :) I felt like a kid with this mani.


    To Nanay, of course! When will I do your nails again? :P

  9. this is super cute! Maybe I'll recreate on my nails :)

  10. Alice, I'm sure your version will look lovely. Do share it with us if you get the chance to recreate it. :)

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