My Encounter With Jansport's Skip Yowell

First, do you own any JanSport bag? I have one and get this, it's not red, but pink! I don't own the most popular backpack type. Instead, I have a tote bag. Early this month, a co-founder of JanSport visited Manila and R.O.X. Philippines invited him to give a presentation on how this popular brand began and his outdoor adventures.

I attended the event together with a friend. But before I go into further details, let me share this photo my sister took last year.

Jansport 01
Can you spot where I am in the picture?

We saw this 2d JanSport ad in a local shopping mall and luckily, I was using my Jansport bag! We had a little fun and took a shot. Thanks to this ad, I feel tall!

I only knew about Skip Yowell when I found out about the event thru the R.O.X. Facebook Page. But when they mentioned he was the co-founder of JanSport, I didn't pass the chance to meet him.

Skip Yowell and his cousin Murray Pletz decided to create an outdoor bag with the help of Pletz's wife, Jan. The cousins promised Jan that if the product becomes successful, they would name it after her. And it did! Hence, the name JanSport! He helped build the name of JanSport by sponsoring outdoor recreations like mountain climbing. A few decades after establishing JanSport, Skip Yowell wrote a book entitled The Hippie Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Other Mountains. The book talks about his adventures, motivations, and inspirations.

Jansport 02
Skip Yowell during his presentation at R.O.X. Philippines last November 5, 2010.

After his presentation, Skip more than willingly signed our JanSport bags. I also got lucky and won via raffle a limited edition of Skip Yowell's bobble head! I had my bag and my prize autographed.

Jansport 06 Jansport 03
On the left is my JanSport tote bag with Skip's signature. On the right is the bobble head I won during the raffle. I had it signed too. And yes, those are my Elvis nails!

Here's a closer look on Skip Yowell's bobble head:

Jansport 04 Jansport 05
Isn't this adorable? Thanks to R.O.X. Philippines for having the raffle. They gave out 2 of this limited edition bobble head of Skip Yowell. It now sits on top of my personal nail station.


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  1. I feel like I see these bags evvvvvverywhere :0

  2. Here in our country, it's a very popular brand. I think because they're affordable and they always come out with new designs. :)

  3. I have heard of the brand and i recognize their logo, but it's not very popular in Poland, here people like buying backpacks with nike, adidas, puma logo.. they are quite cheap.
    congrats on winning a bag and Skip Yowell's bubble head!

  4. I actually own a Jansport bag..Wel I suppose it's a backpack.. I bought with my parents maany years ago (It must be at least 8 years ago - did they exist back then?) I still have it :)

  5. Hi, Paulina! Here in our country, JanSport is more affordable than the other brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. I had the bag for more than 2 years now and I'm liking the bubble head! :)


    Hey, Swaafie! Yes, JanSport already existed then! Which reminds me that their designs will make a good inspiration for a mani. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.