It's Time To Vote! (Color It Red)

Hi, everyone!

First, I'd like to thank all those who took time from their schedule to do their nails and join my first nail art contest. I really do appreciate that. I'm also touched that some of you shared with me how you found out about Simply Rins my blog and how it inspired you. I enjoyed reading every story that you sent me.

I'd also like to say thanks to all my other readers who may not be nail art enthusiasts or bloggers, but continues to follow my posts. I have read all the messages you sent me and I'm glad that in some way, my blog amuses you. :)

I received a total of 31 valid entries from 24 participants! Selection of the winner will comprise of 2 stages. The first stage will be entirely up to you. Based on the results of your votes, five (5) nail art entries will enter the final stage. These 5 nail designs will then be presented to our guest judges who will determine our lucky winner. Due to the number of entries, I've decided to have 5 guest judges instead of just 3. I'll be revealing their identities and judging procedure when I post our 5 finalists.

Before presenting our lovely nail art entries, here are the voting rules:

1. You have to choose three (3) nail art designs that you think should be included in the finals. You also have to comment as to why you chose those 3 entries. These comments may appear when we present our top 5 finalists. Your choices may be in any order. I have prepared a form below to facilitate this choosing process and to make it easier to tally votes.

2. Write the name of the participant when entering your choice. In case a participant have 2 entries, please indicate first or second entry by placing (1) or (2) after the name.

Example: Rins (2)

3. One (1) point goes to every chosen entry. Points will be tallied after voting ends. The 5 nail art designs with the most number of votes will enter the finals.

4. Anyone can vote, even if you do not have a blog. Please include a valid email address in the voting form. I may send you an email for verification purposes.

5. You may blog about your entry or let your friends know through social media networks (ex. Twitter, Facebook, etc.). But you may NOT ask for votes with a promise of something in return.

6. Voting ends at 11:59pm (GMT +0800) on November 9, 2010. I'll be posting the top 5 entries the following day and will present them to our 5 guest judges.

7. Please use the comment form if you have further questions. Good luck to all our participants! :)

Our "Color It Red" nail art contest entries: (in no particular order)

Color It Red - Paulina
Paulina of

Color It Red - Mae Espiritu 01
Mae Espiritu (1) of

Color It Red - Mae Espiritu 02
Mae Espiritu (2) of

Color It Red - Janiz Pinto 01
Janiz Pinto (1)

Color It Red - Janiz Pinto 02
Janiz Pinto (2)

Color It Red - Alexandra
Alexandra of

Color It Red - Mara Corinne Comagon 01
Mara (1) of

Color It Red - Mara Corinne Comagon 02
Mara (2) of

Color It Red - Lourdes Espanol
Lourdes of

February 01, 2011: Picture deleted as requested by contest participant.
Frehgel (1)

February 01, 2011: Picture deleted as requested by contest participant.
Frehgel (2)

Color It Red - Koryna
Koryna of

Color It Red - Rachel Robinson 01
Rachel (1) of

Color It Red - Erica Reinholz
Erica of

Color It Red - Deriniti Nailz
Deriniti of

Color It Red - Sofie Ingersen
Sofie of

Color It Red - Donna Gonzales 01
Donna (1)

Color It Red - Donna Gonzales 02
Donna (2)

Color It Red - Jamie Kao
Jamie of

Color It Red - Susan Locsin-Remoto 01
Susan (1)

Color It Red - Susan Locsin-Remoto 02
Susan (2)

Color It Red - Bless Mananghaya 01
Bless (1) of

Color It Red - Bless Mananghaya 02
Bless (2) of

Color It Red - Ava Gonzales
Ava of

Color It Red - Ines S

Color It Red - Ciobotaru Ramona
Ciobotaru of

Color It Red - Polish Freshie
Freshie of

Color It Red - Nadja Vahid

Color It Red - Alison Korpess
Alison of

Color It Red - JQ
JQ of

Color It Red - Alzenie

Note: As of this writing, it's November 10, 2010 and voting is now officially closed. I've removed the voting form to avoid unnecessary submissions. Thank you all so much. I'll be posting the results later today.


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  1. Good luck to everyone! :)

  2. thanks rins:D I wish you good luck ladies:)

  3. wow! it's nice to see so many amazing entries!
    good luck girls!

  4. So many great entries; it was hard to vote! Good luck everybody, you all did wonderfully.

  5. wow... love all the entries.. good luck ladies...

  6. good luck ladies,
    all the entries are wonderful :)

  7. Thank you all so much for voting. Keep em' coming! But please be reminded that I do check your choices. Please DO NOT choose an entry twice. I will not be counting all your 3 choices if there's a repetition. You should choose 3 nail art entries. A repetition would chose less then 3.

    Votes coming from duplicate emails will also not be counted.

    Good luck everyone! :)

  8. I meant ...

    A repetition would mean that you chose less than 3.

    Sorry for the mistake. :)

  9. All of the design are fantastics. Good luck to everyone :)

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