"Color It Red" Nail Art Contest Top 5 Entries

Last October 25, 2010, I announced a nail art contest in celebration of my blog's 1st year anniversary. By November 6, I've posted 31 valid entries from 24 participants and asked you to choose 3 nail art entries that you think should be included in the finals. The top 5 most chosen entries will then be presented to our 5 guest judges who will determine our lucky winner.

Here's a brief profile of each of our judges:

1. Carina Alcantara
She is my mother, whom I fondly call Nanay (a Filipino term for the world mother). She remains to be my biggest fan and is now into nail art too! Red is also her favorite color but prefers nude colors for her nails. She's one of the few people I know that has an eye for things that are beautiful.
2. Nadine de Guzman

Nadine is the owner and designer of Posh Pocket Shoes or simply called Poshies. Her love for shoes and the idea of saving your feet from wearing heels the whole day inspired her to design these chic, comfortable, and foldable shoes! Her creativity as a designer will surely add spice to determining our lucky winner.
3. Don Trivino

Don of http://bonggaba.com has been a long time friend. He's one of the few that has been with me since I started blogging. He has been, and still is, an honest to goodness critic. And so I believe he'll make a valuable judge to our nail art contest.
4. Edrose Corsame

Edrose is licensed Geodetic Engineer. Her profession may seem so far out to involve her to our nail vanity. However, her inputs to this contest will definitely feed our curiosity as to how ladies that have been recently introduced to nail art perceive this latest "it" accessory.
5. Alvin Gale Tan

Alvin is the author of 7107 Reasons To Love Pinas, a personal project that aims to collect 7107 unique reasons why you should love the Philippines. One thing we share in common and love to do is talk. Exchanging opinions has been our favorite pastime. And so I'm sure he'll have some interesting views regarding the final entries. Moreover, a male perspective will add a healthy twist to the contest.

Judging rules:

1. The top 5 nail art entries will be presented to the 5 judges wherein they have to grade each entry from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. A form will be provided to facilitate the grading system.

2. There are no criteria for judging. I personally believe that each person has its own criteria for judging art. However, each of our judges needs to provide a brief explanation on how or why each entry received a particular grade.

3. After receiving all 5 completed judging forms, I will tally the grades for each finalist. The one with the highest grade wins the "Color It Red" nail art contest.

4. Judges will be given 2 days to grade the top 5 nail art entries. Deadline of judging will be on November 12, 2010. I'll announce the winner on the following day.

5. I will inform the winner via email on November 13, 2010. She has 48 hours to reply or else I'll be declaring the 2nd highest graded entry the winner.

6. Prizes will be shipped as soon as possible. Please allow a week lead time for shipment as I need to get the winner's pair of Red Caddy Posh Pocket Shoes from our sponsor.

Okay, I'm sure you're all excited to see our top 5 finalists. They are arranged in no particular order. I've included a few comments that were shared by voters.

Color It Red Nail Art Contest Top 5 Entries:

Color It Red - Deriniti Nailz
Deriniti of http://myprettynailz.blogspot.com

Comments for Deriniti:
"I like the colors and the simplicity of the design."

"The black stripes with the white flowers over that red base look really cool."

"Her design grabbed my attention."

"These colors go together well. I like the hard lines with the round flowers."

"Also neatly done. Design is unique also. Well thought of."

Color It Red - Donna Gonzales 02
Donna (2)

Comments for Donna (2)
"The nail art was fantastic! It's very unusual, the design and the color blends with the skin tone of the wearer. Perfect combination. It's very wearable for the client. Very unique."

"Very creative and artistic."

"I like the entry because it's well-balanced. Not dragging or exaggerated to see. The perfect use of colors let the studs and butterfly stand out. And the placements of the designs were just in the right positions. I must say that this nail art entry is really stunning and fab. And it sets itself apart from the rest. Very creative."

Color It Red - Alzenie

Comments for Alzenie:
"Damn, these nails are art! I cannot imagine how much work went into this design."

"She really had a great talent. It's so creative and I think of not just painting those nails but definitely it shows that she knows how to mix and match. So awesome. Elegant!"

"It's so vibrant and pretty."

"This is what I really called nail art because of the detailed design done in her nails. I wish to have this design to be done in my nails too."

Color It Red - Koryna
Koryna of http://korynails.blogspot.com/

Comments for Koryna:
"I like the design and execution. Neat and dainty."

"I love the combinatio of sponging, glitter, and hand made nail art. Very precise and unique."

This design was not only beautiful and eye catching, but also showed a lot of skill in the execution. I love the tiny beads in the flower."

"Beautiful smooth lines and great texture. Just a sharp design overall. And seasonal to boot.

Color It Red - Ciobotaru Ramona
Ciobotaru of http://andayn.blogspot.com

Comments for Ciobotaru:
"Gorgeous freehand and great use of color and attention to detail."

"Simply but nice."

"Clean and fancy."

"I liked it because I found the simplicity of the design and looks good when you use in a casual occasion."

Thank you to all those who took time to vote. You may write additional comments for your top nail art design on the comment section of this post. I'm sure our 5 judges will welcome all your opinions.

Congratulations and good luck to our top 5 finalists!


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  1. omg I can't belive my eyes:O is me really there?:">
    thank you so much to your vots..it means a lot to me..I am so happy..ok I will not sleep until the results:)):">

  2. very unique voting strategy. i like how you included men in the panel, they see things differently than women.

    congrats to the finalists!

  3. Congratulations so far to the finalists! :)

  4. Good luck, girls! I am sure this is going to be a fair voting :)

  5. The second and third designs look gorgeous.

  6. Oh wow! I can't believe I am in the top 5!!! I just wanna say everyone did such a fantastic job & thank you sooo much to all who voted for me! Also, thanx to Rins for such a great contest! This really made my day!!! : )

  7. good luck girls.. u have such an amazing talent...

  8. Our judges are starting to view the final entries! :)

  9. you made my day happy I'm in top 5 :) Thanks

  10. Thanks for all those who voted for me, you guys helped me reached the top 5 :) good luck to us ladies...

  11. Thank you so much to those who voted for me... I'm so happy and flattered at the same time=) I won't be here if it wasn't for you guys... All the entries were great! Again, thank you for appreciating my work of art =)

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