After 3 weeks, there is now a winner for my 1st nail art contest! Thank you to all those who participated, to all those who voted, to the sponsors, and of course, to our panel of judges which really took the time to score each of our top 5 nail art entries and comment on their individual grades. You all made the celebration of my 1st blogoversary a success!

To recap, I first asked you, my readers, to vote for your top 3 favorite nail art entries. Your votes will determine the 5 finalists that will be scored by 5 guest judges. Each of the judges was required to grade each finalist between 1 to 10, 10 being the highest score. I've also asked them to provide a short explanation to their grades.

You may view the judges' profiles at "Color It Red Nail Art Contest Top 5 Entries.

Here are the judges' scores:

And so, I'd like to congratulate KORYNA of for winning the "Color It Red" nail art contest! Here is her entry:

Color It Red - Koryna

It was a very very close fight and sadly, I can only announce one winner. I'll make sure to prepare consolation prizes for future contests.

Judges' comments for Koryna, arranged in no particular order:
"It looks nice."

"I like the way the "incomplete" red nails look. It's a design that a non-artistic person like me would never think of. I also like the way the nicely drawn flowers are split into two. If she were to put all her fingers and thumbs together, there would be a total of five flowers. Yeah, I did the math."

"Very well defined. Neat, chic and dainty and very attractive. Simply beautiful color combination. Nice uniformity of design. Very feminine. Will suit all ages and all occasions. Overall impact-- near perfection."

"Design - 3, Use of color - 3, Complexity/Execution - 3"


Koryna will be receiving all these:

Elianto Red Violet, Elianto Racing Green, Faceshop OR202, Faceshop GR501,
Faceshop 404, Faceshop BL602, Revlon Peach Petal, Caronia Bright Night Collection and nail care products, 5ml empty nail polish bottles, Faceshop emery board, Konad's promotional stamping nail art kit, pink cosmetic bag from Etude House, and 2 sheets of nail art stickers.

a pair of Red Caddy Posh Pocket Shoes (of your size)

Simply Rins Blogoversary 08
A small box containing a few interesting facts about the Philippines.

I'd also like to share with you comments for the other 4 finalists:

Color It Red - Alzenie
Comments for Alzenie:

"This one is kinda complicated. you have to see the details to appreciate it."

"Design - 2, Use of color - 1, Complexity/Execution - 2"

"The nail art is nice..."

"At first look, very intricate design, very artistic and for someone who is not very knowledgeable of nail art designing will think that Wow, how much time was consumed in doing these. She must be truly an artist, a painter. Nice and lively color combination. See how she started from a rose bud on her small finger to a fully opened rose on her thumb.Simple wit..."

"The rose details are amazing (black outline with shading/highlights)..."

Color It Red - Ciobotaru Ramona
Comments for Ciobotaru:

"Very polished and wearable."

"Design - 3, Use of color - 3, Complexity/Execution - 3"

"I really appreciate the design but one thing I don't get is the french tips."

"Displays capability to make a nail art design by free hand . Nice designs on each nail. Overall impact- fairly beautiful."

"Not quite red... Anyway, going back to the artwork, it looks intricate and interesting at the same time."

Color It Red - Deriniti Nailz
Comments for Deriniti:

"Simply beautiful. Classic color combination, clear, and dainty. design and color will suit all ages. Although there is no uniformity in the execution of the design, a little messed up. But overall impact, simple and beautiful, will match, formal, semi-formal or even casual wear of all ages."

"simple but elegant"

"Design - 4, Use of color - 3, Complexity/Execution - 2"

"So fierce! I like how she did the black zebra stripes with the white details."

"This entry is inexplicably pleasing to my eyes. I really can't explain why, but it's mysteriously appealing."

Color It Red - Donna Gonzales 02
Comments for Donna (2):

"Great color combination. The colors stood out and I love the red flowers with the crystals. I can see Katy Perry sporting these nails!"

"My eyes are playing tricks on me again because the butterfly on her thumb seems so lifelike. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the quantity of flowers in the picture though."

"I just love the details.... artistically done."

"Unusual color combination. Red and lavander do not usually go together but here they were beautifully paired. Neat execution of the flower design. Flowers and butterflies are biological partners, hence perfect combination. The contrasting color of the butterflies made a standout. The white acrylic flower could have been eliminated because it somehow steals the emphasis on the flowers and butterflies combination.Nevertheless, the overall impact is beautiful. Great for casual wear of the younger generation."

"Design - 3, Use of color - 2, Complexity/Execution - 3"

Before I end this, I'd like to thank my sponsors and their generous donations to the nail art contest prizes:

(1) Nanay, my biggest fan to date!
(2) Rors, my sister.
(3) Posh Pocket Shoes
(4) Caronia Philippines

'Til the next contest!


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  1. Congratulations to Kory!! her nail design is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. omg..thank you so much!! I am so happy!!!a special thank you to the judges!!now really I can't sleep:))!!

  3. yay!!! congratulations, Kory! i voted for you! :D


  5. Congratulations Kory!!! Rina, thank you too=) till the next contest!

  6. congratulations, Kory! I was shure that you will be the winer! you have the most beautifull nail desing of all !