Posh Pocket Shoes: New Arrivals

My favorite foldable shoes - Posh Pocket Shoes - has new arrivals! If I will be asked of my weaknesses, it's shoes and well ... nail polish! Haha! Anyway, this weekend, Posh Pocket Shoes will be joining the Moonlit Bazaar at Rockwell Tent from October 15-17, 2010. The bazaar will happen between 12nn to midnight. And so, if you'd like to avoid the holiday rush, this is probably the best time to check out the bazaar and look for fab finds you can give as gifts or of course, purchase for yourself. Don't forget the check out Posh Pocket Shoes booth while you're there!

Here are the new Poshies you could expect to see at the Moonlit Bazaar:

One of my favorite Poshies is the Breton collection. I have one in red canvas. It's now available in man-made leather! I so love the shape of the Breton Poshies. I find the shape very flattering on my feet. The gray and the nude color looks lovely!

The classic Bow Flats Poshies also has new colors! I'm loving the red (of course?!) Haha! I say classic because it's so easy to pair them on a casual or a dress day. A very versatile design and looks girly too! I have one in black. I wonder if I should get the red?

This one, I simply adore. Posh Pocket Shoes came up with baby pink Poshies in light of the breast cancer awareness month. Part of the proceeds from each pair of this pink Poshies will go the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. How cool is that? I already have a pair. Sadly, I didn't get that cute pink tote bag. I must ask for one when I visit the bazaar this weekend.

There are other new designs you can expect to see from Posh Pocket Shoes. They will be releasing limited collection as well. For more details, you can check out Posh Pocket Shoes Facebook Page.


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