Nail Art: Mothers Are Precious Like Gold

Nanay (a Filipino term for mother) asked me to polish her nails last night and surprisingly requested a nail art! I guess being a nail art enthusiast can be contagious ... in a way. I got excited so I immediately went to check my stash for possible colors that she might like. She wanted something nude, or a shade that isn't too loud. I, on the other hand, wanted to give her a glittery golden polish. I won! I must say that it really looked good on her.

Here's the result:

Nail Art Mothers Are Precious Like Gold 03
Gold nails for my Nanay.

The photo is not doing the polish justice. We were having trouble with the lighting. I used 3 coats of Elianto Glitter Bronze to achieve the opacity that I wanted. Strange that the name of this polish says it's bronze when it actually gives a golden shade. Don't you just love the glitter on this one?

Nail Art Mothers Are Precious Like Gold 02
Simple and classy nail art.

I first thought that a white design might not show up with all the glitter in this nail polish. I suggested to stamp my mother's chosen design in black. I'm glad I listened to her and used Konad white special polish instead because this didn't overpower the golden polish.

Nail Art Mothers Are Precious Like Gold 04
This is me and Nanay in one of the family's out of town trips.

A closer look at the nail art and polish:

Nail Art Mothers Are Precious Like Gold 01
If I wasn't on a Halloween nail art project this month, I'll definitely put this polish on right now!

Stamping design was lifted from m36 image plate.

I'm looking forward to more nail art sessions with Nanay!


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  1. that turned out beautifully! and i love the gold color! :)

  2. Love the color and the stamping is great. Lovely design.

  3. you look like your nanay!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! :)

    Minolah, that would be the first! You should see my sister, she's practically a carbon copy of our Nanay.