Nail Art: Halloween Spiders

It's October! And as promised, I'll be posting two nail arts with a halloween theme every week for the whole month of October. Hopefully, I won't ran out of ideas. I'd like to share my first halloween nail art today, the 1st of October.

nail art halloween spiders 02
I think one spider is enough. I don't like my hands to look so scary.

Here are the base colors:

nail art halloween spiders 01
I wanted a vampy color but not black so I opted for China Glaze Wagon Trail and Dashing Diva Charlotte's Wedding for my ring finger. I used Elianto Twilight Zone to paint the spider.

nail art halloween spiders 03
In the shade, the China Glaze Wagon Trail looks black. But I love the greenish color it gives when the light hits it. Application is quite easy. For this nail art, 2 coats was enough to get the opacity that I wanted. As for the Dashing Diva Charlotte's Wedding, it took me 3 coats.

nail art halloween spiders 04
I used the web design on Bundle Monster BM06 image plate for the webs. I wanted to paint it as well but I figured I'd use the stamping nail art to make it easier for me. I used white Konad special polish for stamping.

nail art halloween spiders 05
My left hand was shaking a little when I was painting my right hand. Does the spider look like crab to you?

I hope you liked this design. More halloween nail art to come! Awwwwoooooo!


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  1. so cute!!! i <3 your nail art so much! You know, there is such thing as a crab spider, and they look like little crabs, they are my absolute favorite!

  2. Thanks, Aggie for that interesting fact! I accidentally made a crab spider nail design for halloween! Lol!

  3. Awesome mani, good spider...i'm thinking it's time for me to try one. Looking forward to seeing your next halloween mani.

  4. Go alikat! And let us know through your blog how it went. ;)

  5. I LOVE that green polish colour. O_o I want!

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