Nail Art: Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail

My project to create Halloween nail art for the whole of month of October is officially over with this 9th installment. As I reviewed my previous Halloween nail designs, I realized I haven't done anything with my favorite color! I just couldn't let the month end without a red inspired Halloween nail art.

Earlier this month, I went to Duty Free with my parents and bought a few Essie nail polishes that was on sale. I used two of those for this particular nail design. This is also my first time to do different accent nails on both hands. :)

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 11
I named this, Dracula Bit My Nail.

I drew Count Dracula on my left ring fingernail and a dripping blood on my right ring fingernail.

This is how the base colors look bare:

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 01
This is 2 coats of Essie Blanc on my ring finger and Essie Fishnet Stockings on the rest. Both polishes were very much easy to apply. Blanc is as white as it can get. Fishnet Stockings is very pigmented.

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 02
I stamped spiders from Bundle Monster BM13 image plate on my red nails. I was hesitant to do something with the rest of my nails. But I wanted to add something subtle on to the red polished nails. The design is almost invisible under the shade but it looks nice during the day or whenever the light hits my nails.

Here's a tutorial on how I did this Halloween Dracula nail art:

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 03
1. I drew an outline for the hair near my cuticles as a guide on how long I want Dracula's hair will be. I then drew a dot that will serve as a guide on where the center of his bangs will be. This, I believe will make it easier to draw the shape of his hair first before filling it. I used black acrylic craft paint for this.

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 04

2. I then drew 2 semi-circles from the dot to the side edge of my nail.

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 05

3. After outlining the shape of Dracula's hair, I continued to fill it with black acrylic paint. Based on experience, trying to paint the shape outright is harder than drawing an outline first.

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 07

4. I then proceeded to dot the eyes and painted the mouth with the fangs. Like how I did Dracula's hair, I first outlined the mouth and the fangs before I filled it in with black acrylic paint. I'll explain on the next step why I started with a big black dot for the eyes.

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 08

5. I wanted more drama for the eyes so I alternated black, red, and white. I quite liked how it turned out. I experimented on how the eyes will look on a scratch paper before painting it on my nail. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something quirky or spooky. :)

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 09
Here's the finished Halloween nail art on my left hand after a layer of top coat.

Nail Art Halloween Dracula Bit My Nail 10
For the dripping blood, I just painted random strokes very lightly on my nail. I still used the Essie Fishnet Stockings so that the colors will be consistent.

I hope you liked this Halloween nail art and I'd like to thank all of you for keeping me company as I did my Halloween nail designs for the month. Happy Halloween everyone!


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  1. Ms. rins this is the eye detail on Mr. Dracula! love love this one!

  2. Love the dracula on your nail! Nice halloween mani! :)

  3. AMAZING! I cannot tell you how much I love your designs! Dracula is so cute and spooky! <3

  4. this is adorable!!! love the cute Dracula face :)

  5. you're the best rins! idol! ^_^

  6. Thanks so much, ladies! :) I think Dracula's eyes appeared hypnotic in this nail art.

  7. what an awesome mani! so cute!!

  8. Freshie and Katrina, you're always too kind to my nail arts! :) Thank you!

  9. This is such a cute design! I really like how you explain each step too; very helpful!

  10. this is amazing! thanks for this! I'd like to recreate this on my nails but I can't since my nails must be "plain" for an important dinner this evening :(

  11. Danielle, it's always a pleasure to share with all of you how I create my nail designs. Hopefully, it can inspire you to try out my ideas or help you come up with new ones! :)


    Hi, Alice! And you wouldn't want to scare people with Count Dracula on your nails on an important dinner. :)