Nail Art: Halloween Crawling Spiders

Eleven days to go before October ends and this is my 6th Halloween nail art! I have a few more Halloween characters I'd like to feature here but I just need to do another spider nail art! The idea came the other night while my sister and I were lounging at our living room. We just came from dinner and since our television was under repair, we just sat there, played with Mumay (my sister's dog), and did practically nothing. It was raining and I guess this sort of weather makes people really weary?

Speaking of the weather, our country has been hit by Typhoon Juan (international name is Megi) yesterday that greatly affected the northern part of the Philippines. There have reports of people who died due to this natural disaster. Please pray for us and the safety of those who live in the provinces that were largely affected by the storm.

I simply call this Halloween nail art Crawling Spiders. Here's why:

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 07
Spiders are crawling out of my nails!

I don't particularly like spiders. But for some strange reason, I keep wanting to do Halloween nail designs with them! No accent nail for this nail art. I've decided to practice my freehand painting and wear spiders on all my nails!

Here's how the base color looks bare:

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 01
This is 2 coats of Dashing Diva Milk Berry. Easy application on the second coating. I actually first painted my nails with pure white but I removed it. I wanted a more subdued color as base. I think this one is perfect. Not too white. I also thought of having yellow as a background. What do you think?

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 06
Even with red eyes, my spiders didn't appear spooky.

I was able to take pictures of how I did this for those of you who are interested to try it by yourselves. Here's a quick tutorial of this Halloween nail art:

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 02
1. With a dotting tool or a nail brush, draw a half oblong from near your cuticle area to at least 1/3 of your nail. This will serve as half of the spider's body and that's all we need to create the effect that it's crawling out of your nails.

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 03

2. Drawing the legs is next. From the center tip of your half oblong, draw legs going to your nail tip or side edge. For this design, the longest two legs in front almost touches the two corners of my nail tip. The shorter legs can be drawn going toward the side of your nail. Three pairs of legs is enough. You may opt to just show two legs.

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 04

3. Finally, add the eyes with a dotting tool. I first painted white dots before adding the red eyes to add character to the spider. You can probably use blue or orange for the pupils. That would really give your spider personality!

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 05

A personal tip: I did one nail first for purposes of posting a tutorial. But I would recommend doing each step of the tutorial for every nail before going to the next step. I believe this method is faster and would create consistency with the design. I also recommend painting with your weaker hand first to have as a personal incentive finishing your nail art with ease because you'll be working with your strong hand last. Good luck!

I asked my sister to take a picture of both my hands for this particular Halloween nail art. You just have to see all these spiders together!

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 12
Sorry for that mini wound on my pointer finger. I recently hurt myself while trying to fix something.

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 11
Here's another photo that looks as if they're awaiting signal for a race!

Normally, I don't post a separate picture of my thumbnails. But I think I'll make an exception for this Halloween nail art. I sort of hate the nails on my thumb because they are wide compared to my other nails. And so the spiders I painted on my thumbnails are consequently chubbier.

Nail Art Halloween Crawling Spiders 13
Fat crawling spiders on my thumbnails!

It took me awhile to do this nail art but I really enjoyed it. I also entered this Halloween nail design to Polish Freshie's Halloween Contest and Giveaway. If you're interested to join, deadline of submitting an entry is on October 21, 2010, Midnight Mountain Time. She'll be choosing 3 of her favorite designs and will ask her readers to vote for their choice of Halloween nail art. Wish me luck! :)


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  1. Awesome! I love the tutorial, its very helpful.

  2. lol ang kulit ng itsura pag 10 fingers na! yeah I agree, to start doing your nails with your weaker hand. :) goodluck on the contest ;)

  3. Amazing design! I must try it out sometime :)

  4. Thanks so much for the compliments, girls! :)

  5. Thanks for the tutorial and awesome spiders, think i will try this out this month but i'll add some crafty googly eyes.

  6. TOTALLY awesome. :)

  7. I'm glad you girls liked this Halloween nail art because I really do too! :)

  8. These are the bomb! Love them so so much! Good luck in the competition!

  9. Hi, JQ! Welcome to Simply Rins! To think I actually don't like spiders yet I painted 10 on my nails! Good luck also on the contest! I hope you'll visit back! :)

  10. super nice... i also do piant nails...

  11. The long legs on this spider actually make it looks like it's crawling. It's giving me the creeps... in a good way. :)

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