Nail Art: Flower Tips

I'd like to share the nail art that I wore when I did a demo of fimo and stamping nail art for Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, a local television program. Sadly, it didn't touch nail art that much but concentrated on nail polish. The segment showed me having my nails done and my hands doing fimo nail art and stamping. I recorded the segment and I'll upload and post it here soon. To all my friends that I bothered to watch it, thank you so much!

Here's a fimo nail art that I did for the shoot:

Nail Art Flower Tips 02
I simply named it flower tips.

This is how the base color looks bare:

Nail Art Flower Tips 01
This is 2 coats of China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Application is really easy and I definitely love
the shimmer on this shade. Most of all, it's RED!

I would have posted this sooner but I got caught up with work.

Nail Art Flower Tips 03
I painted an inverted V on the tips of my nails before attaching the flower fimo nail art as highlight. This photo was taken under natural sunlight. I seldom have a chance to do this but I really wanted to show the shimmer of this polish.

Nail Art Flower Tips 04
This nail art will definitely be included in one of my favorites!

I hope you liked this simple fimo nail art. :)


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  1. I <3 ruby pumps..its one of my fave polish.. im not so fan of fimo for theyre look so bulky on nails but this design is really pretty...

  2. Thanks so much girls! :)


    Hi, Thriszha! I really love Ruby Pumps! Well, I'm biased to the color red. :P Anyway, fimo does look bulky that's why I try my best to slice them as thin as I can so it will follow the curve of my nails.

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  4. Thanks so much, Lydia. Will be checking that site you suggested. I'm happy that you like my blog. :)

  5. Hi, I'm sorry to have missed the name of the blog, I like him very much

  6. Hi, Society MDL! Don't worry about it. I'm truly honored for the recognition you gave me on your blog. :) Thanks so much!