My Personal Nail Station

As promised, here's a post dedicated to my nail station that I assembled a week ago!

I'm almost sure that every nail enthusiast has a corner in her home where she does her nails. For quite some time now, I've been doing mine on my drawing table and I've stained it already so I decided to buy a new table that could serve as my personal nail station. It took me awhile to buy one because I was trying to look for one that would fit my budget.

And so, without further ado, here's my personal nail station:

Nail Station 01
A study table converted to a nail station!

There's a small shelf on top and under the drawer. I placed some supplies like bottles of nail polish remover, cuticle remover, cottons, etc. on the shelf below. I buy in bulk to save money and trips to the grocery.

Nail Station 02
A closer look on what's on the top shelf.

The lamp of course should be red! I keep my cotton balls in a small container where I can easily just get one. Before, I used to damage my newly polished nails whenever I need to get a cotton ball since they are packaged in a plastic. I don't have to worry about that now. I've also repacked my nail polish removers. In the photo, they're in the right corner in a transparent plastic bottle with a pointed snout. I have 2 sets of polish remover. The green one consist of 30% acetone. I use this one in removing my nail polish. The purple one contains more acetone so I use it for cleaning excess polish after painting my nails.

My nail art brushes, orange sticks, pusher, and other nail tools are in a pencil holder. I used to place them in a small pouch but I figured the current container is more effective so I can easily get tools without damaging newly polished nails. Before, I need to bring out everything that I needed on the table. Now, I can just get what I need when I need it. :)

The small white device beside the pen holder is a portable nail dryer. The perpetual calendar beside it was given as a gift from my mother. She bought it from a recent trip.

Nail Station 03
The mini black pouch contains my stamping set, image plates, and sponges!

Nail Station 05
I keep the fimo canes, rhinestones, beads, and other tools inside the drawer.

I don't like using a nail brush when cleaning my nails. I use a wet towel instead. I find using a brush a bit messy and since my studio is carpeted, it would be harder for me to clean the mess. As you can see in the above photo, my towel is red! I also have scratch papers and a pencil in the drawer because I draw a design first before painting them onto my nails. I wanted to buy fake nails for practicing but for now, doodles will do.

Nail Station 07
I keep my rhinestones and the like in a container where they are properly segregated into small circular containers. Using the wheel was okay but there are very tiny beads like that ones I used for the cupcake nail art that get stuck on top of the revolving lid and sometimes goes to another compartment! This is also true for thin slices of nail art accessories. Of course, this will only happen when you tip over the wheel container. But since I sometimes to my nail art at home, sometimes the wheels tilts inside my bag.

Nail Station 04
This is how the table looks when I pull down the cover.

That's my nail polish stash. It's continuously growing and so in time (not too soon I hope), I need to find other containers where I'll be able to store nail polishes.

Nail Station 06
I use a plain white plastic place mat to protect the table.

Based on personal experience, using table napkins to protect the working table is not sufficient when I'm doing my nails, especially when I'm doing nail art that entails using several polishes and tools. And so I thought of buying a table mat that is used on dining tables. Not only does it solves my worry of staining the table, it also helps in conserving napkins! Clean up is also easy if I accidentally stain the mat with polish. Better stain the mat than the table.

How does your nail station look like?


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  1. Congrats Ms. Rins... so organized! i wish I have that kind of working station too!

  2. Awww very inspiring post, I want to have my own nail station too :) I do my nails in our sala table, haha! Galit na nga nanay ko eh.

  3. I love your nail station!
    very organized :)

  4. Hi, girls! I've been wanting a nail station ever since I gave in to my nail art craze and I'm glad that I now have one because it's easier now to do my nails. :)

  5. i don't have one! my place is too small. i apply my polish while sitting on my bed hehe.

  6. lelila, my studio is too small as well. It's a good thing I'm such a slim girl. Lol!


    ART OR NAIL, thanks! I'm an OC person. Shhh ...

  7. Errr. So i can't have a polish station co'z I'm not slim? haha! Too bad for me then :p

  8. Lelila, of course you can! How about setting up a table and just place organizers on top it for your nail stuff? :D But you should see how small my studio is. If there's 2 people in there, no one can stretch anymore! No exaggeration! :) I think I posted here my mini drawing studio. I should probably do an update post.

  9. So wonderfully organised! I've only just started my nail polish collection so I'm nowhere near this stage, but I love seeing organisation posts to see how everybody's done their set up. Gives me lots of great ideas for when I'm at that stage.

  10. i love how you organize your stuff.

  11. Hi, Danielle! When I started doing my nails, I never thought I'd have the urge to have a place in my mini studio where I work on my nails besides just having a table. Specially when I'm doing nail art and I need lots of stuffs. That's when I decided to look for something like a study table with shelves on it. I hope this post will help you when you decide to setup your own personal nail station! :)


    Hi, Jhoannz! Thanks! It's easier for me to do my nails when everything I need can be easily pulled out. :)

  12. ganda, very well organized.