It's Not Just A Man's Job

A week ago, I was able to buy a small study desk that I wanted to add in my mini studio. Ever since I gave in (!) to my nail art craze, I've been doing my nails on my drawing table. Since the table was always inclined, it was rather hard placing nail polishes and other tools without them sliding at the edge of the table. And since I can be clumsy, I've stained my drawing table over and over whenever I carelessly tip a bottle of polish. I need a nail station! :)

I keep my stash of polishes and tools in hard plastic containers. Well, it's not really a mess but it's hard to see everything when things are piled up.

And so, one evening, my sister and I visited a local department store and I checked if the table I wanted was still available after months of trying to decide whether or not I'll buy it. It was still there! I asked for the color that I wanted and bought it.

I think it's a study table. There's a mini shelf, which I think is really good for storing nail polishes (haha!) and there's a sturdy flat surface can be folded that acts like a door to the shelf when I close it. When I need to do my nails, I'll just fold it down.

Anyway, the table didn't come assembled. Well, I could have asked to have them assemble it for me and deliver it but I didn't want to pay extra. So I opted to assemble it myself.

Nail Station 01 Nail Station 02
When I opened the box, it was full of wooden pieces that are numbered. Comes with a confusing manual too! The copy didn't have clear directions. The package was complete with bolts, screws, and nails.

Nail Station 04 Nail Station 05
Here's the mini shelf that I mentioned earlier. It has a cover at the back when the table is assembled.

Nail Station 06 Nail Station 07
My nail station is almost done!

I will be posting pictures of the table I assembled for almost 2 hours (!), now transformed into a personal nail station in a separate post. :)


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