Celebrating One Year With A Nail Art Contest

Hi, everyone! My blog will be celebrating it's first birthday in exactly 8 days and I've decided to host a nail art contest as a way of thanking my followers! This would be Simply Rins' first contest and giveaway. The contest is open to everyone, regardless if you are a beginner on nail art. Rest assured that voting and judging will not only depend on skill but also on imagination and creativity.

Nail Art Red Butterflies 02The theme is quite simple -- Color It Red. To those who've been reading my blog for quite some time now, I'm sure you know that red is my favorite color. And so, I've decided that it is the perfect theme for this nail art contest. I know it is quite general but I really want to flood this contest with the color of love! You may use other colors but I want the nail art to be dominantly red. Surprise me! :)

Here are the rules:

1. You must be a public follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect to be eligible to join this contest.

2. You may submit a maximum of two (2) entries. Please email a CLEAR photo (at least 800 pixels in width) of your entry to simplyrins@gmail.com with your name and your blog URL (if you have one). You may also include a short message or a caption for your entry. I would love to know where you got your idea or inspiration. One picture per entry if you're sending 2 nail designs.

Kindly also include your Google Friend Connect username/ID in your email.

3. You may use any nail art tool or accessories to create your design.

4. You may NOT submit a nail art design that you have previously done or entered in other nail art contests.

5. Please use your own nails for your design/s. Entries done on nail wheels will be disqualified.

6. Selecting the winning nail art entry will depend on votes by readers or followers and 3 guest judges.

7. You have until 11:59pm (GMT+08:00) of 05 November 2010, Friday to submit your entries. All nail art entries will be posted on this site the following day, including rules for voting and judging.

8. This nail art contest is open to everyone! :)

These are the prizes that awaits the lucky winner:

Simply Rins Blogoversary 01

Simply Rins Blogoversary 05
From left: Elianto Red Violet, Elianto Racing Green, Faceshop OR202, Faceshop GR501,
Faceshop 404, Faceshop BL602, and Revlon Peach Petal

Simply Rins Blogoversary 02
These are 5ml nail polish bottles! I'll be giving away 3pcs to the winner of this nail art contest. This is perfect for frankens! You don't have to wait for a nail polish bottle to become almost empty to mix colors.

Simply Rins Blogoversary 03 Simply Rins Blogoversary 04
From left: Konad's promotional stamping nail art kit, an emery board from Faceshop,
and a pink cosmetic bag from Etude House.

The Konad promotional stamping nail art kit includes a stamper, scraper, 1 image plate, and a white special polish. This would be great for those who'd like to try out nail art stamping. This would also be great for those who already owns a stamping kit because the stamper would be effective when working with small designs.

I'd like to thank my mother for sponsoring the the pink cosmetic bag from Etude House.

Finally, our lucky winner will also receive this:

A pair of Red Caddy flats (of YOUR size) from Posh Pocket Shoes! POSH (PO-cket SH-oes) are foldable, rollable, portable yet chic ballet flats that fit in your purse! Every Posh Pocket Shoes comes with a purse that transforms into a tote bag where you can place your heels whenever you change into your Poshies. This particular design is a classic ballet flats with an almond toe shape. Wear them with or without the chains! To know more about this amazing shoes, you may read Why I Love Posh Pocket Shoes.

Thank you to Posh Pocket Shoes for sponsoring this lovely pair for my first nail art contest.

If you have any questions, please use the comment form. I'll try to get more prizes. If you'd like to sponsor a prize, you may contact me here. Thank you so much and good luck to everyone! :)

Disclosure: All prizes are brand new and purchased by me unless otherwise stated.

as of November 03, 2010

Please go to UPDATE: Nail Art Contest to read additional prizes.


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  1. happy blogsarry!! yeh i know how muhc u love color REd.. and im a red lover too same with my mom..LOL!! more power to ur blog...

  2. btw, sis where did u purchase ur empty bottle polish?

  3. Will be looking forward to your entry nook4nails! :)

  4. Hi, everyone! Please include your Google Friend Connect username or ID in your email when you submit your entry. Thanks so much! :)

    I've received a few entries already. Keep em' coming, girls!

  5. Entered! Where'd you buy the empty polish bottles? :D Thanks!

  6. Hi, Mara! I received your entry. Thanks so much! I answered your inquiry with my email reply. :)

  7. Hi, everyone! Additional prizes were provided by generous sponsors. You may view the updates here:


  8. Bless, of course! I'll wait for your entry. :)

  9. thank you ao much for this opportunity