Nail Art: Three Little Pigs

This nail art is dedicated to all who are broken-hearted or sad. Hopefully, this nail design can bring a smile to our faces. I've recently been gifted with a nail art brush set and this is the first time that I used it. Freehand designs are challenging for me, specially when I'm doing my right hand. I think the dotting tool would be easier to handle. I'll try that soon.

I simply called this nail art The Three Little Pigs!

Nail Art Three Little Pigs 02

I painted the 3 pigs on my pointer, middle, and ring finger. I used Zoya Buffy as base color and Faceshop PK104 for the ears and snout. For my thumb and pinky, I used Faceshop PK104 as base color. I topped everything with a layer of top coat.

I apologize for not having too much photos for this nail art. I just intended to play around with my nail art brushes and ended doing both my hands without remembering to take pics. I will be redoing this design soon with the dotting tool set that I also just recently acquired. I promise more pics on how I did the design.

Nail Art Three Little Pigs 03
This is the nail art brush I used for painting the pig's ears and snout.

I did 2 versions for the snout. The first photo has a full snout. In this picture, I drew the snout on the tip of my nails.

Nail Art Three Little Pigs 04

I like this better than my first attempt with the full snout. How about you? Which do you prefer?


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