Nail Art: Pink Bow

When I started going to a nail salon, I've almost always ask for a french manicure and pedicure. I was very hesitant to try dark shades of polishes. But eventually, I began to try different colors and loved the darker nail polishes. And so, I figured I should do some tips for today's nail art. I simply call it, Pink Bow.

Nail Art Pink Bow 02
This is a layer of base coat, 2 coats of Orly Tennis Everyone, and a layer of top coat. For the tips, I used an image from Konad m63 plate and Konad white special polish.

Nail Art Pink Bow 01
To dress up my tips, I added a pink bow from my Fimo nail art collection.

I really wanted the ribbon to stand out that's why I didn't use any dark colors for the Konad stamping nail design.

Nail Art Pink Bow 03

A personal tips when adding Fimo nail art:

Let your base color dry before pressing down your Fimo nail art to avoid craters in your polish. You also need to apply a good amount of top coat to keep the Fimo nail art more resistant to everyday wear and tear.


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  1. such neat and detailed work! you're very talented when it comes to nail art =)

  2. Thank you! Your comments are encouraging! :)

  3. So cute,where did you purchase your fimo nail art? Or did you make them yourself?

  4. Hi, Alikat789! I purchased them online. I don't know how to them myself. :(

  5. Hi! I tagged you with 2 blog awards you can go get them at my blog

  6. Thanks! It's my 1st blog award! :) Will post soon!