Nail Art: Midnight Sun

I know that the name of today's nail art is weird. Well, in my part of the world it is weird because there's no sun during midnight. But I recently acquired fauxnad plates from Bundle Monster and I immediately got fascinated with this particular sun design. I figured it would look good with dark blue.

Nail Art Midnight Sun 01
This is 1 layer of base coat and 2 coats of Elianto Indigo Shine.

I chose a blue nail polish with shimmer to create a night effect. I liked the way it turned out. The yellow sun stood out well.

Nail Art Midnight Sun 02

I honestly think this nail art expresses my current mood. I feel very gloomy lately and I'm hoping that things will fall into place soon.

Nail Art Midnight Sun 03

I deliberately stamped the design irregularly for each nail to give it a little personality. I had this crazy idea that I'll get hypnotized by the design if I stamp the sun in the middle of every nail. Notice the twirl pattern?

Nail Art Midnight Sun 04
My right hand.

Nail Art Midnight Sun 05
This is the image plate that I used. It's BM01. I used the yellow Konad special polish for stamping.

May this nail art bring a little sunshine to those who are feeling blue.


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  1. The colors go well together!

  2. Love this. I did one similar but yours is MUCH better. :)

  3. wow this is really pretty! you are good in nail arts! i don't have the patience.. BOO! and i don't know how, t's not that I've tried it na. haha

  4. Thanks Freshie and Susie! I like this design too! I kept it on for days! :)


    Hi, Rhia! Thanks for dropping by Simply Rins! Nail stamping is quite easy once you get the hang of it. I'm sure you'll learn fast once you try it. :)