Nail Art: Bridal Shower

Remember my Nail Art: Bridesmaid nail art? Well, this nail art is very similar to that in terms of motif. Last week, I helped in organizing a bridal shower for a close friend who's getting married in less than 2 weeks! It was a small gathering of the bride's closest friends and we decided to decorate the room with the wedding's colors, i.e. purple and apple green. This is how the room looked liked:

Nail Art Bridal Shower 08
Champaca Room at Club Filipino after we decorated it.

The night before, I just had to do my nails for this occasion with the color motif and this is what I came up with:

Nail Art Bridal Shower 04
This is a layer of base coat, 2 layers of Faceshop PP403, stamped with Dashing Diva Rosario Pistacio, and sponged with Revlon Silver Screen.

How I did it:

Nail Art Bridal Shower 01
First, I colored my nails purple with Faceshop PP403. I really like this shade. This is 2 coats. The polish is quite easy to apply.

Nail Art Bridal Shower 02
Second, I did a little sponging on my tips with Revlon Silver Screen. I wanted to add something new and it was my first time to do sponging.

Nail Art Bridal Shower 03
Finally, I stamped a flower design using Dashing Diva Rosario Pistacio, slightly overlapping the sponged tips. This was finished with Konad topcoat.

Nail Art Bridal Shower 07
I used a flower design from Bundle Monster BM11 image plate.

Nail Art Bridal Shower 05
My right hand.

I've been experimenting on how I'll wear my nails on the wedding day. Will be sharing how it turned out.


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